#211 – Fritz Von Erich vs King Kong Bundy, June 4, 1982

On the newest OSWP, Dre and the Black Cat are joined by Robert from the Atomic Elbow to review Fritz Von Erich’s RETIREMENT MATCH against King Kong Bundy (with hair!). Please support the OSWP by visiting flairchop.com and buying a shirt, box set, or book. We’ll see you….at the matches!

#210 – Tennessee Street Fight, Memphis, June 25, 1984

On the 8th anniversary of the OSWP, Dre and the Black Cat discuss this bloody, gory classic between Tommy Rich & Eddie Gilbert and Phil Hickerson & The Spoiler. Join us as we talk classic 80s Memphis, have a visit from the Rock, and have a good ‘ol time on the 210th episode of the OSWP. Go over to flairchop.com to support the show by purchasing a box set of old episodes, an OSWP t-shirt, one of our books, a poster, trading cards. JUST HELP US OUT! We’ll see you….at the matches.


#209 – Cactus Jack v Sandman, June 27, 1995

This week the OSWP is on the road, talking about Sandman taking on Cactus Jack in a bloody BARBED WIRE MATCH. In the second half we talk feedback, Dre takes questions, and we discuss the Rock’s Instagram account. We’ll see you….at the matches!

#208 – Steven Regal v Bobby Eaton, November 2, 1996

This week on the Old School Wrestling Podcast, Dre and the Black Cat revisit the budding partnership of Steven Regal and Beautiful Bobby in 1995 and sadly the eventual breakup of the classic Blue Blood tag team later the next year. In particular they review a great short WCW Saturday Night match between the two for the WCW Television title from November of that year. In the second half of the show they go over feedback from the NWA Saturday Night episode, take listener questions from Twitter, and get a visit from WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin. Please support the show by purchasing OSWP merchandise over at flairchop.com. We’ll see you…………………………..at the matches.

#207 – NWA Saturday Night, August 22, 1987

This week on the podcast, Dre and the Black Cat review an episode of NWA Saturday Night from 1987…nothing special happens, and that makes it even better! The 5 Minute Pitch returns in the second half and we read some great CROTCH CHOP stories. Please support the OSWP by going over to flairchop.com and buying a box set, a t-shirt, and a book. We’ll see you………at the matches.