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I’ve joked several times on the show that we didn’t have a Patreon because for whatever reason it seemed silly in the past but here I am writing the introduction to the Old School Wrestling Podcast Patreon page. In talking with an old friend, he convinced me that some people just like to contribute this way to things they enjoyed. It made sense, so I figured I’d make this another option to the listeners of the Old School Wrestling Podcast who wanted to contribute to our show.

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#237 – Steiner Brothers vs Doom, March 30, 1990

This week on the show, Dre and the Black Cat talk about two of the toughest tag teams on the scene in 1990 – Doom and the Steiner Brothers <insert dog barking>. In the second half, Black Cat goes through a stack of PWI Weeklys he just picked up off eBay. Please help support the show by pledging to our Patreon site at Patreon.com/oswp. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you…at the matches.

#236 – WWF Superstars, November 11, 1989

This week on the show, Dre and the Black Cat talk about an episode of WWF Superstars that Dre attended with his Dad in 1989 where he saw the debut of Earthquake when he squashed the Ultimate Warrior! In the second half, we are joined by Robert and Sweet Jimmy D, the voice of OSWP and AAW Wrestling. We get to ask Jim all about his career in ring announcing! Please support the OSWP by visiting our merch store at gumroad.com/oswp or at the OSWP Patreon site at patreon.com/oswp! We’ll see you…at the matches!

#235 – Eddie Guerrero v JBL, Great American Bash, June 27, 2004

This episode of the OSWP is brought to you by Dirty Dawg Darsie thanks to his Patreon donation. Dirty Dawg’s pick for this episode was an incredible match between the legend Eddie Guerrero and JBL at the first WWE Great American Bash. Please support the OSWP by donating to the Patreon site at patreon.com/oswp or by visiting the OSWP Merch Store at gumroad.com/oswp. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you…..at the matches.

#234 – The OSWP Holiday Party 2018 – Saving Sad Macho Claus

This year at the OSWP Holiday Party, Dre and the Black Cat are back to reviewing some classic tag team matches. The first is an incredible 6-man tag between Dusty and the RnR vs The Midnight Express and Bubba Rogers. The second match is between the Natural Disasters and Money, Inc!

PATREON PREVIEW! OSWP Special Missions #4 – Ricky Morton v Ric Flair, July 11, 1986

Hey friends of the Old School Wrestling Podcast this is the Black Cat. I’m putting one of our old Patreon exclusive OSWP Special Missions episodes from a few months ago so you could get a taste of what Dre and I are doing over at the OSWP Patreon site. This is a episode Dre and I did last summer where we did a live watch of a Ric Flair and Ricky Morton match from the 1986 Great American Bash. We had a great time doing this episode. If you enjoy what you hear, please go over to patreon.com/oswp and consider donating to the Old School Wrestling Podcast. A dollar a month will get you the regular show without any of Sweet Jimmy D’s ads and $5 or more will get you that plus all the Special Missions episodes and all the extra classic OSWP content we’ve been putting up. If you’re feeling really generous there’s always the $100 “Be the Booker” Patreon level where you get to pick out what we review for a future episode of the Old School Wrestling Podcast. Again, that’s patreon.com/oswp. Thanks to everyone for their support over the years and we’ll see you…at the matches.