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  1. The Missing Fink aka stuart says:

    Just wanted to drop you guys a note from here in Scotland to say I love your work and I registered my card on iTunes just so I could leave feedback for your show although at times it can get my blood boiling like the – Edge or The Edge debate. Your show is 10 times better than the other old skool pods like the one with the annoying irish accents. I wonder if you have time could you maybe discuss a few points/questions I have.
    1. How many contraceptive pills do you think miss Elizabeth took a day while married to savage. My guess is at least 10 more than she needed.
    2. How do you think savage went about is cupboard lock downs of Liz. Are we talking free standing wardrobes or broom closets with lights and mops and shit.
    3. How hot would Liz be if she was around now on a scale of Torrie Wilson being a top mark and that weird torri that hung with xpac and Kane back in the day being the low mark.

    That will do for now but keep up the good work.

    Much respect
    The missing fink

  2. Paul E Cautiously (Paul Routon Jr) says:

    Hey guys, love the show. Excited for my first trip to the Crocketts’ this year! I’m bringing Stunning Steve Au-gratin potatoes – great served warm but even better once they’re Stone Cold. And for dessert, some Missy Hyatt pie – its not too big but I hear everyone in the locker room has already had a piece.

  3. left handed cigarette says:

    Please do a show on the last great angle in Memphis history.In late 1986 and into 1987 they ran two seemingly seperate angles:Tommy Rich was growing jealous of Jerry Lawler and was turning heel and Lawler and Austin Idol fought for the Southern Heavyweight title.Idol brought in a rookie manager named Paul E Dangerously. The Idol-Lawler feud culminated in a steel cage match where if Lawler lost his head would get shaved and if Idol lost fans would get their ticket price refunded. Everyone in that arena thought they were getting a free night of wrestling because how in the world could The King lose. Lance perfectly sets the table by reminding us no one is getting in the cage to interfere.But what if a doughy bleach Blonde former world champ has been hiding under the ring for 6 hours eating chicken and drinking beer and waiting for his time to strike? BAM! Rich attacks and Idol wins and Lawler gets more or less just a much shorter haircut.Fans literally try to climb in the ring to kill Heyman Idol and Rich and they ran for their lives to the dressing room.This also led to the reason Lawler broke Heymans jaw later when after selling the crowd on a Dundee and lawler vs idol rich and heyman scaffold match the heels didn’t mention a fear of heights tip the day before the match.Its possibly the worst blow off to a great angle ever.please forgive my auto correct and hazy memory in case I didn’t recall all the details the show. William

    • left handed cigarette says:

      P.S. If you ever wanted to see Tommy Rich cut multiple promos while in his bed tending to his injured testicles than this feud is for you.

  4. halfblackrazorback says:

    I am proud to say that this year I will be able to attend my first Thanksgiving at the Crocketts. Last year I was deployed with the United States Navy providing Air Support for Sargent Slaughter and Corporal Kirschner in their never ending battle against the Iran Sheik and Nicolai Volkoff. Being that I have missed the last few Thanksgivings I feel obligated to bring several delicious dishes so please put me down for the following dishes. Brett’s Artichoke Hearts, Lex Luger’s Torture Rack of Ribs, Muta Locks and Bagels, Hulk Hogans Leg Drop Soup, Macho Man Randy Savage’s Top Rope Elbow Noodles, Shake Rattle and Rolls,,and Vince McManwich. For Dessert I will bring JYD’s Grab them cakes. I look forward to joining you for the Thanksgiving Holidays at David Crockett’s this year however, If My Military duties call I promise to send all these dishes to the house in a small package. Happy Thanksgiving

  5. Daniel says:

    I’ve been listening to you guys for a few months now and I love the podcast! Nothing beats old school wrestling and I love listening to you guys review some of these incredibly awesome pay per views and episodes. I grew up on NWA/WCW so when you guys talk about that it just floods the memory banks! The Thanksgiving episode was great but what might have been even better was the commercial break featuring the discussion of referee Tommy Young tucking the Russian Nightmare back in! Keep up the great work guys!

  6. left handed cigarette says:

    It is with deep regret and personal sorrow that I must inform you I gave you bad info a while back. Rick Rudes real life sister valet was Raven in WCW and Angel was his girlfriend valet in Memphis. While discovering my mistake I did learn some fun facts about Angel. After getting in on the action in a Lawler-Rude match she found out getting beat up for a living wasn’t for her and left. Also you may notice she rarely is visible from the front and is mostly filmed from behind or the side. Despite that rad tubular and boss spandex clad 80s body she had a bit of an acne problem. I apologize again and have already self sanctioned myself by having the Macho Claus take back my Christmas presents and I have forced myself to sit through a Vince Russo shoot interview as penance.

  7. left handed cigarette says:

    Just finished watching some Legends of Wrestling on the WWE Network and wondered if there’s any chance of a Legends of OSWP roundtable discussion show in the near future.I don’t know the logistics of the OSWP campus/studio but I think Vince Russo-Kevin Sullivan-Dusty Rhodes and Smoking Joe Frazier discussing any topic moderated by Lance Russell would be podcast gold. That’s a lot of personality to cram in a studio with you guys and I’m sure they’ll all seek a travel reimbursement and Long John Silver’s lunch per diem so maybe its best to stay the course with your current program.

  8. theburning zone says:

    Davey boy smith jr is coming to red deer I am wondering if I should try to get him to do a bumper for you .

  9. Valentine's Shinguard says:

    I’m having some trouble finding a certain episode. I’ve heard mention of a review of the Calgary Stampede Stu Hart event. I assume this is the WWF event where the Hart Foundation took on the Road Warriors, Ultimate Warrior and someone else. Any help on this?

  10. Millennium Man says:

    This is the Millennium Man and I am a long time listener to the podcast. I have laughed my ass off many times and have gone through rough times in life while finding solace in your creative episodes and hilarious outlooks on the great sport that I grew up with. You guys respect each other while talking trash. This is something that draws me to your dialogue. I am finally catching up in the episodes and just wanted to let you guys know that what you are doing is appreciated and helping us through life’s battles. Thank you and I look forward to many more episodes.

  11. theburningzone says:

    top 10 location of matches that have been reviewed
    new york 107
    north carolina 78
    california 38
    florida 36
    ontario 34
    maryland 32
    pennsylvania 28
    illinois 25
    michigan 25
    japan 22

  12. Rich says:

    Hi, I would like to purchase some of your digital sets but can you tell me if I am able to download them to my iPhone and how exactly it is done? Thanks very much!

  13. theburningzone says:

    Now I am the commissioner of the old school league of the imaginary wrestling associtation a play by mail wrestling game I am wondering if I could use the old school wrestling podcast logo for my reports

  14. Rodney Rankin says:

    Been a listener for about 2 years. You were talking about Hogan. The link above speaks for itself. Besides, it only runs 91 seconds. Trust me, this is better WITHOUT a set up, but you might need therapy afterwards…

    P.S. I grew up with WCCW. You should give more love to World Class.

  15. theburningzone says:

    do you know that it cost some one from Canada about 25 dollars to get the 2 cards
    $8.00 for the cards and $10 for shipping and another $7.00 exchange rate .
    I ordered them any ways

  16. Jason says:

    I just discovered your podcast. I LOVE IT! You guys are hilarious and I love the subject matter. You were discussing the WWF Hasbro figures recently. I agree they were rediculous, but at least they were the same size as the wcw galoob dolls. I could have the dream matches I always wanted to see! Looking forward to the next podcast!

  17. Karl says:

    I love your idea of coming up with occupations for wrestlers. An officemate of mine and I came up with this one, when the UPS guy came into the office:

    Pat Cage (package) is a delivery truck driver making his debut during Survivor Series. Of course, Christmas is on the way and all the kids love that he hands packages out to the crowd.

    He wins a lot of matches to start using the small package. Just so Gorilla Monsoon can say “Pat Cage delivered a small package for the win!” He eventually gets two finishers: a diamond cutter called the box cutter and a package suplex called home delivery.

    He becomes a bad guy when he runs to the ring with a package, thought to be to help British Bulldog. Monsoon shouts “Here comes Pat Cage with an overseas delivery!” But, he hands it to Million Dollar Man as the ref is distracted. Million Dollar Man opens up the package to find brass knucs and knocks out Bulldog for the win. Virgil gives Pat Cage the brief case of cash as Dibiase says “every man has his price! HA HA HA!”

  18. Rodney Rankin says:

    Haven’t listened to #175, yet. If it hasn’t come up, you should check out TERRY FUNK’s GREAT TEXAN album. It was — NO LIE! — a big hit in Japan, with production courtesy of Jimmy Hart. Just Youtube it.

    Time well spent, I promise…

  19. Chris Fiore says:


    Love the show. Keep them coming. I would love to hear some more Memphis, World Class, Florida or Continental Wrestling reviews. Thanks for entertaining us.

  20. Martin S. says:

    Greetings, Black Cat and De,

    I have something that’s really been stumping me tonight. There was a wrestler who worked for the WWF in the (I think) mid-to-late 80s.

    He was a tall, white guy with long, curly blonde (or light brown) hair, giant muscles (i know, one of a kind in 80s wrestling, right?) I think he wrestled in black trunks (at least in the videos i have seen). I forget whose autobiography I was reading that mentioned this guy as one of the guys Vince brought in thinking he would be a gigantic star, like the ultimate warrior or hogan.

    Unfortunately, this guy couldn’t work, never got over and he fizzled out almost immediately. When I initially read that, i looked him up, but it has completely slipped my mind. I feel like he was never even on the bigger TV shows, as the footage I have seen of him looks like someone was taping a live event for filler matches on a syndicated show or something.

    I know I’m not giving you much to go on here, but if you guys could solve this mystery for me, I’d be super grateful. I’m trying to write a blog post about this guy for my blog, Jobu’s Rum.


    Martin S.

    • Black Cat says:

      Scott McGee maybe? I think there’s a story of him wrestling Bret Hart and Bret making him look better than he was.

      • Martin S. says:

        Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Scott Mcghee. He’s a little smaller, and more of a jobber type than I remember from the guy I’m talking about.

        However, I’m feeling pretty good about you saying it was in Bret’s book. That’s the most recent one that I have read. I can at least go back and re-read some chapters to find out.

        I’ll keep you guys posted.

        Thanks again!

  21. Hi guys, I’m a long time listener and huge fan of the Old School Wrestling Podcast. I wanted to say ‘thank you’ for all the wonderful hours of classic wrestling themed audio bliss you have bestowed upon me over the years and I have a present that I’d like to share with you that I feel would be the perfect gift, trouble is… I don’t have a postage address for you guys! If you could email me a suitable address I’ll post you a special treat as a token of my appreciation! Nothing creepy, I promise, just some classic wrestling themed fun that I think you will really appreciate!

  22. Kennytruth says:

    I don’t know if anyone knows about Willie J’s channel on YouTube?

    Check out his series called “The glory days of pro wrestling” ITS FREAKING AWESOME!!

    I’m not affiliated with Willie… I just wanted to share his channel to my fellow old school wrestling nerds. Hopefully Dre and Black cat don’t get pissed for me mentioning it but I think they would appreciate these as well.

  23. I’ve recently published a novel about my grandmother, Christine “Teeny” Jarrett, who spent 50 years in the professional wrestling business, first selling tickets to the matches in Nashville for Nick Gulas in the 1940s and eventually co-owning one of the most successful territories in the business with her son (my uncle) Jerry Jarrett, who you may know as the father of Jeff Jarrett. After the WWF ran her and Jerry out of business, she returned to selling tickets in Nashville until her death in 1998. She was a single mom working in a man’s world and earned the respect of just about every big name in wrestling in the second half of the 20th century.

    I’m trying to get the word out and wanted to know whether your audience might be interested in hearing about it. You can check out the first chapter at and then let me know if you think it might be a fit. If so, I’m happy to send you a copy, or you can download it today for Kindle or Nook for $3.99 if you want to contribute to the cause!

  24. Nick says:

    For your consideration as a future OSWP episode:

    WBF BodyStars

    No big deal just a tug of war, and Vince in pink workout gear.

  25. Jeffrey Thomas says:

    Dre and Cat,

    Good morning. I have an issue with what I just ordered. I prefer the physical box sets as opposed to the digital feeds, but I made a mistake in the order. Is there a way to reverse this? Please contact me via email to see what can happen. Thank you.