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Episode #40 – Skyscrapers vs Agent Steel and Randy Harris, Mark Callous vs Lex Luger

We take a look at one of Black Cat’s favorite tag teams of the late 80s and discuss the brief singles career of Mean Mark Callous. Beware the heavy breathing of Lex Luger. This episode has been archived in the Season 1 digital box set available for $9.99 at the OSWP Merch Store!

Episode #36 – Mulkeymania! and the Lee Marshall Road Report

This week Dre and the Black Cat settle their Super Bowl bet as they break down this NWA Saturday Night classic – the night MULKEYMANIA WAS BORN! Greatest episode of the OSWP ever. You also get a special treat as your hosts take the show on the road with a special bonus at the end […]

Episode #35 – Mongo and Greene vs Flair and Anderson Super Bowl Shuffle

Dre and the Black Cat review a gem of a match this week as they take a look at a MONGO MCMICHAEL CLASSIC! Mongo teams with Kevin Greene (not Steene) as they take on Ric Flair and Arn Anderson at the Great American Bash 1996 and discuss their awesome SuperBowl bet. This episode has been […]

Episode #34 – SuperBrawl III

In this marathon of an episode (hope you have 2 hours to spare) we break down SuperBrawl III, discuss Erik Watts, Maxx Payne, try to understand the history of the Big Gold Belt and much, much more. There’s a special prize at the end if you get through all two hours. This episode has been […]

#31 – ICP and Vampiro vs Leroux, Smiley, and Prince Iaukea – WCW Nitro 1999

This episode is tougher than a $2 steak! Okay, so in my honest opinion, 1999 is when professional wrestling really started to go down the pooper and here’s a good place to start. Seven dudes (including Raven) in a completely absurd six-man tag match that could lead to discussion about 613 different story lines and […]