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#316 – OSWP Summer Vacation, Fantastics v Sting & Rick Steiner, November 8, 1986

On our final stop of the OSWP Summer Vacation we close out our time in Oklahoma with Bill Watts by taking a look at a fun tag team match between the Fantastics and a young Sting and Rick Steiner. In the second half we chat with the American Dream about his thoughts regarding CM Punk […]

#314 – OSWP Summer Vacation, The First UWF Episode, March 22, 1986

Still stuck in UWF land, we spend some time talking about the very first episode of Bill Watts’ Universal Wrestling Federation from March 22, 1986. There’s so much to discuss in this episode, from the introduction of the UWF, the 15 minute press conference announcing the 1986 Crockett Cup, an amazing segment with Buzz Sawyer, […]

#293 – OSWP Summer Tour 2021, Night 5, Rick Martel v Jimmy Garvin, Las Vegas, NV

WE’RE BACK. The OSWP Summer Tour stops by Las Vegas for some AWA action at the Showboat Arena for a title match between Rick Martel and Jimmy Garvin and a whole lot of shenanigans. Please support the OSWP by visiting or and BUY SOME MERCH. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you…at the […]

#289 – An Ode to New Jack

On the newest Old School Wrestling Podcast, Dre and the Black Cat take a good, long look at the phenomenon known simply as “New Jack” in the weeks following his recent passing. We talk about all things New Jack, but focus on the legendary match between New Jack and Vic Grimes at XPW Freefall 2002 […]

OSWP WrestleMania 28 Confidence Pool

So, yeah, we sometimes watch modern pro wrestling…er sports entertainment. We’re having what we like to call a confidence pool. The winner receives a free copy of The Atomic Elbow zine with the limited edition UltraMantis buttons! Copy the matches below into an email to, then pick who will win each match, and then […]