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A Very Old School Wrestling Christmas

So the OSWP is spending some of its two week holiday break dubbing old VHS tape to DVD and what do they find on the first random tape? A collection of Chris Benoit matches and the HHH & STEPHANIE WEDDING. What a treat!


i absolutely love this website – billco’s old school wrestling (pictures stolen from website in order to help you understand why you must visit this website) where else can i find picture’s of LADY SATAN? or BEAR CAT BROWN

The Cop is a Mark

You will never see heat like this in pro wrestling again. Ever.


Maybe today. Or very early tomorrow. And only because I’m amped up on Four Horsemen vitamins. In the meantime I beg you to watch the Abdullah the Butcher documentary. Here’s PART ONE.

You can cut the electricity with a knife!

This is Flair Chop Illustrated, home of the Old School Wrestling Podcast. This site is the product of Dre and the Black Cat – two highly trained and certified pro wrestling historians. Someone was recently quoted regarding the website saying, “Never before in the history of pro wrestling websites has there been a website like […]