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Spontaneous Rasslin Prose 003

ROH on HDNet 2/8/2010 Much of this viewing was done in silence other than the sound of the treadmill and as it was 5:15 AM i was not about to turn up the 5.1 stereo surround sound of the ROH ROH ROH ROH ROH crowd and wake up my three year old who has a […]

Spontaneous Rasslin Prose 002

– Monday Night Raw 2/8/2010, ALL JAPAN B-Banquet #247 12/13/2009 RAAAAAAW. Raw has finally driven me to watching it after the fact so I can FF it as fast as possible without fear of running into LIVE and there was a time (when I finally regot cable after 8 years) and (when I got an […]

Spontaneous Rasslin Prose 001

Cue the jazz. So I watched me a dose of wrestling including the second half of Impact, all of Smackdown, and ROH on HDNet from last week and about 5 minutes of SUPERSTARS. WHAT DO I REMEMBER? Impact was largely the Foley show with Mick running around acting all tough and crazy trying to keep […]

Chicago DGUSA~!

Much fun was had by the OSWP crew at the DGUSA show. Only one picture out of fear of arrest by Gabe. Also enjoyed marking out at the lucha mask table.

Spike Huber

Thanks to I have found the house show results of a  NWA show I went to in 1988. I was 11. I was probably also wearing Sting face paint and a British Bulldog t-shirt and ate a WWF ice cream bar before the show. JCP @ Peoria, IL – Civic Center – March 20, […]