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Email Updates!

Thanks to @oldiesmike on Twitter, I have been inspired to setup an email notification dealie so y’all can get an email when there’s a new podcast. Fill out the two line form to the right and you should get an email with a link to confirm. Check your spam if you don’t get anything back. […]


was spent on these TNA TRADING CARDS. I really thought I would feel a great amount of regret but five hours later I am still amused. FOR NOW.


So you listen to this podcast and you often think to yourself…I WANT TO BE A WRESTLER! Black Cat HOW DO I BECOME A WRESTLER. Well, below is a YouTube video I shot in my basement last night as a special message to YOU@!


No joke – went to buy tickets for TNA Wrestling in Springfield, IL from Ticketmaster and had to type “SOME MARKS” in the security check phrase.

Spontaneous Rasslin Prose 004

Impact 2/11/10, Smackdown 2/12/10, NWA Saturday Night 3/28/87 , WWF Stampede 97, McGuinness vs Steen 7/25/08, TNA Press Conference, RAW 2/15/10, ROH on HDNet 2/15/10 “You will not watch that anywhere…in this country…while watching pro wrestling.” – Taz speaking of The Amazing Red’s spinny thing over the top rope. Really should remember the name of […]