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Wrestling Observer 2010 Awards Ballot~!

My Wrestling Observer 2010 Awards Ballot~!

General thoughts –

You might look at these picks and thing…WTF? I have weird viewing patterns and that is well reflected here. I went a couple months without seeing WWE. I had a couple of months when I was telling myself I was going to make myself like TNA. I went most of the year watching almost every DG Japan Infinity thinking they were the best damn thing in the pro wrestling industry. I’m also totally cynical of modern pro wrestling and constantly think as a whole it all sucks and wish it was 1987 again.

My picks are generally ROH/PWG/Indie heavy, but that’s not out of preference for these promotions. The WWE/TNA products were just that bad this year, with highlights being a handful of the performers in these organizations that were able to shine through despite poorly booked and monotonous products (Jericho and Daniel Bryan). Some of the bigger highlights for me this year was the consistant performance of Chris Hero, a wrestler who at one time was one of my least favorite guys to watch, become the most consistant wrestler whether in a singles match like Richards/Hero at PWG Seven or in any number of the ROH Kings of Wrestling tag matches (Briscoes, WGTT, etc). The Generico/Steen feud was also one of the most memorable feuds for me in the last decade.

Dr. Death’s Crotch

What’s up, Brother!?

No new cast this week. Preparing for Ep 25 Holy Trilogy Flair/Steamboat 89 MEGACAST due next week. Already watched Chi-Town Rumble 62 times. In other news, Hulk Hogan himself issued the following comments to the Old School Wrestling Podcast (seriously). And follow me on Twitter if you want to find out how often I think […]

For Hardcore

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For Hardcore Badass – the bumper music at the end of Episode #19 and #20…