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Episode #33 – Terry Gordy vs Jim Duggan UWF 1986

Dre and Black Cat review this UWF title match between Terry Gordy and Jim Duggan from August 3, 1986, two tough dudes that just pound on each other for a good 15 minutes, discuss Black Cat’s love for the UWF belt, more Gorilla-isms,and reveal the Old School Wrestling Podcast Board of Directors. This episode has […]

#31 – ICP and Vampiro vs Leroux, Smiley, and Prince Iaukea – WCW Nitro 1999

This episode is tougher than a $2 steak! Okay, so in my honest opinion, 1999 is when professional wrestling really started to go down the pooper and here’s a good place to start. Seven dudes (including Raven) in a completely absurd six-man tag match that could lead to discussion about 613 different story lines and […]

Episode #30 – Nick Bockwinkel vs Hulk Hogan – AWA Super Sunday 1983

We dig deep in the archives (for us at least) to review the main event from the AWA Super Sunday 1983 show – AWA World Champion Nick Bockwinkel vs the INCREDIBLE HULK HOGAN! These two men had been fighting off and on for awhile, but Hogan had never been able to defeat the sneaky Bockwinkel. […]

Episode #29 – Starrcade 1987

Dre and the Black Cat drop a new episode mere days after the last in honor of a Thanksgiving wrestling tradition – Starrcade! And not just any Starrcade, but Starrcade 1987, one of the best of all time and one that both hosts have seen probably over 3000 times. Sit back and relax with your […]

Episode #28 – Royal Rumble 2000

Dre and Black Cat survived Y2K to bring you this review of the Royal Rumble 2000, an excellent first PPV for the WWE to ring in the new millennium. It would be the first many, many years of awesome WWE PPVs. Right? Right? We also discuss the SMARK JAR, a VERY special thank you to […]