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#308 – Sandman v Tommy Dreamer, ECW Arena, October 1st, 1994

We close out ECW month with a look at the legendary feud between the Sandman and Tommy Dreamer that truly defined who Tommy Dreamer would become in ECW. In the second half Dre takes us down memory lane with some of the classic ECW commercials that would appear during Hardcore TV. Please support the OSWP […]

#307 – Rob Van Dam v Bam Bam Bigelow, April 4, 1998

The entire month of April we will be talking about EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING! For this episode we will be talking about the incredible phenomenon that was Rob Van Dam in 1998/1999 as well as his big match against Bam Bam Bigelow where he won his first major singles title. Please support the OSWP by joining […]

#306 – Randy Savage v Ric Flair, WrestleMania 8

It’s WrestleMania season again and this year we go back in time to look at the classic match and feud between Randy Savage and Ric Flair. In the second half we are joined by the Macho Man to offer his side of the story behind this legendary feud. Please support the OSWP by joining the […]

#305 – Quakeburgers – Earthquake v Jake Roberts, April 27, 1991, WWF Superstars

On this week’s episode of the Old School Wrestling Podcast we go back in time to talk about one of the most horrifying moments in WWF history, the night Earthquaked killed Damien and then several weeks later would serve Quakeburgers made with the meat of Damien to Vince, Bobby, and Lord Alfred Hayes on Prime […]

#304 – ECW Invades the Manhattan Center, Monday Night RAW, 2/24/97

On this episode of the OSWP we look at one of our favorite episodes of Monday Night RAW from February 24, 1997 when ECW invaded the Manhattan Center in New York City. Please support the OSWP by joining the OSWP Patreon! Thanks for listening and we’ll see you…at the matches!