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#299 – OSWP Thanksgiving 2021 – Survivor Series 1989

It’s the special time of year for the Old School Wrestling Podcast when we all gather together to give thanks to all things professional wrestling. This year we’re back in Greensboro, North Carolina with David Crockett and his five new additions to his house that he’s over since March of 2020. Along with enjoying the […]

#298 – Ricky Steamboat v Jake Roberts, Saturday Night’s Main Event, October 4th, 1986

Dre and the Black Cat take a look at a classic WWF feud between Ricky Steamboat and Jake Roberts that extended for five months during 1986, starting at the Saturday Night’s Main Event in May when Jake splattered Ricky’s head on the concrete like a watermelon, going through the summer, and culminating at the next […]

#297 – Atsushi Onita vs. Mr. Pogo, Exploding Cage Death Match, FMW, August 22, 1993

This Halloween, Dre and the Black Cat are visited by the Crypt-Keeper who leaves them with two wonderful gifts – a FMW tape with a match between Atsushi Onita and Mr. Pogo and time bomb that will explode at the end of the show. Will they survive? Probably not! Please help support the Old School […]

#296 – Arn Anderson v Manny Fernandez, WTBS Studios, April 13, 1985

On thew newest OSWP, Dre and the Black Cat talk about the legend Arn Anderson, his amazing resurgence in 2021, and take a look back at his early days in WTBS Studios! Please help support the Old School Wrestling Podcast by signing up for the OSWP Patreon at or buying some digital merch (old […]

#295 – OSWP Summer Tour 2021, Night 7, The Great Kabuki, Atlanta, GA

We wrap up the 2021 OSWP Summer Tour in Atlanta, GA to discuss the legend of THE GREAT KABUKI! We are also very happy to be joined by ROBERT, our old friend from the Atomic Elbow to discuss his home territory and his memories of watching THE GREAT KABUKI as a kid. Please help support […]