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#301 – Sting v DDP, April 26, 1999, WCW Monday Nitro

Dre and the Black Cat take a look back at one of the most bizarre times in professional wrestling history – the year of 1999 in World Championship Wrestling. With the competition taking the lead, WCW was forced to adapt and attempt to figure out what they needed to do to get the fans to […]

#300 – The 11th Annual OSWP Holiday Spectacular, Big Boss Man v Hulk Hogan, May 27, 1989

It’s time for the annual OSWP Holiday Spectacular and this year we are, as always, joined by the Macho Claus, but also by Dwayne Johnson’s favorite wrestling historian, “Bad News” Jon Boucher from the Charting the Territories podcast. Along with the festivities we take a look back at the legendary match between Hulk Hogan and […]

#299.5 – The SD Jones Story

This week the Old School Wrestling Podcast takes a moment to look at the incredible story of SD Jones, a man that has inspired millions, never gave up, and never laid down to the challenges of life. Please support the show by signing up for the OSWP Patreon at or visit the OSWP Merch […]

#299 – OSWP Thanksgiving 2021 – Survivor Series 1989

It’s the special time of year for the Old School Wrestling Podcast when we all gather together to give thanks to all things professional wrestling. This year we’re back in Greensboro, North Carolina with David Crockett and his five new additions to his house that he’s over since March of 2020. Along with enjoying the […]

#298 – Ricky Steamboat v Jake Roberts, Saturday Night’s Main Event, October 4th, 1986

Dre and the Black Cat take a look at a classic WWF feud between Ricky Steamboat and Jake Roberts that extended for five months during 1986, starting at the Saturday Night’s Main Event in May when Jake splattered Ricky’s head on the concrete like a watermelon, going through the summer, and culminating at the next […]