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Bonus Episodes Volume 3 – Royal Rumble 1988

The WWF was expanding quickly in 1988 and they needed some new ideas to keep things fresh…introducing the Royal Rumble, an event that would go on to be the favorite show of many fans every year. This event also includes the memorable bench press contest with Dino Bravo that Jessie Venture SWEARS he did not […]

Bonus Episodes Volume 3 – Clash of the Champions 9 – (Flair/Funk “I Quit” Match)

The year of 1989 was an amazing year for wrestling and especially Ric Flair who kept having one classic after another. On this bonus episode we review the whole event, which also includes an amazing Lex Luger match, a great match between the Midnights and the Dynamic Dudes fighting for the love of Jim Cornette, […]