Episode #6 – WrestleMania XV – The Raging CLIMAX

In this episode of the Old School Wrestling Podcast Owen and Dre dissect an attitude era classic WrestleMania XV, headlined by Steve Austin and a coming-of-age Rock and includes the BUTTER BEAN/BART GUNN classic WrestleMania moment!


This episode has been archived in the Season 1 digital box set available for $9.99 at the OSWP Merch Store!


  1. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. I think you confused Tim White with Mike Chiota. I don’t remember which ref took the chairshot in the main event of WM 15, but it was Tim White who “shot himself.”

  3. Owen says:

    Did I saw that was Tim White? Weird, I know who Tim White is! You are right, definitely was Mike Chiota and after that chair shot that man deserves his props.

  4. We always regarded Mike Chiota as the “Most Bumpin’-est ref in wrestling”. He’s always taking bumps!

  5. DJ LukeWarm says:

    End of the Road came out in 1992. Their last song to hit the charts was A Song For Mama that barely made the charts in 1998.

    Maybe Naperville High School was that far behind on music when Dre graduated