Episidio #43 – Quince de Mayo Celebracion – Santana v Hennig – De Abril 1990

Dre and the Black Cat celebrate the 13th of May in style with this review of an early 90s I-C classic from a WWF Superstars taping and read a classic 1951 wrestling article “ARE WRESTLING MATCHES FAKED?!”

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Image thanks to Dean Stahl.

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  1. Dusty's Polka Dots says:

    Great work on this one. I agree that the the best part of any Tito Santana match is Jesse Ventura on commentary. Love hearing him refer to “Chico” and all those “Texicans!”

  2. Uncle Soda says:

    This was a nice unexpected pick. I like how Tito got to look like a contender again in 1990, going to the finals here, and winning his Survivor Series match to team up with Waa-ee-yaah and Hawk How-ghan in the Grand Finale match of survival.

    I forgot this was where Perfect and Heenan first joined forces.

    Like McMahon I thought Beefcake would win the tournament.

    The part with Harlem Globetrotters, and the whole segment with the 1951 magazine was fantastic. I hope you do more stuff like that during the mini podcasts.

    And of course – the outro lived up to the twitter hype. I wish we could see Dre when he first heard it 🙂

    • Dre says:

      the outro was GLOR-I-OUS

    • Black Cat says:

      Honestly I had forgotten this was the beginning of Hennig/Heenan until the end.

      And Tito was always and still is a contender to this very day.

      Glad you liked the outro, I’m still randomly listening to it when I need to ROCK OUT.

  3. I’m pretty sure Dre’s right about Tit Santana playing football for West Texas with Dusty, Tully Blanchard, etc. I believe he played tight end and was quite good.

    • Black Cat says:

      I confirmed he played for West Texas when I was editing the show. Sorry, Dre. I’ll never, EVER, doubt you again.

  4. Chico says:

    You guys are the shit.

  5. Trak9 says:

    The Match is not on the History of the IC title DVD: http://www.thehistoryofwwe.com/dvd08.htm

    By the way I would skip the IC title DVD and get something else. Most of the good matches on the DVD are on other WWE DVD releases.

    Tito did play at what is now called West Texas A&M Unversity. Tully Blanchard was the QB of those teams.
    Here is list of famous alumni: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Texas_A%26M_University#Athletics

    Here is something on Don Eagle:

    and Fred Kohler who was the NWA promoter in Chicago: http://www.legacyofwrestling.com/Kohler.html

    Warren Bockwinkel was the father of Nick Bockwinkel:

    I’m sure you guys probably knowt the most famous former Dumont Network Affliate: WGN

    By the way pro wrestling has been predetermined since the 1920’s if not before that time. It basically started after the days of Frank Gotch and George Hackenschmit.

    • Black Cat says:

      Thanks for the sources. I’m not surprised he’s the father…I’d be shocked if there was more than one famous Bockwinkel in wrestling history.

      And I guess I’ll skip the IC set unless I find it for cheap at the used DVD place. Just seems like it should be better.

      Regarding predetermined…I don’t think Dre was talking about that in particular, but more when it was publicly acknowledged. I’d actually suspect predetermined matches go back even before the 20s.

      • Trak9 says:

        I’m sure others have said it publicly before, but I believe we can thank Vince McMahon for officially admitting in 1989 to the New Jersey state senate that WWE wrestling bouts were scripted, in part to avoid a tax on sporting events:

        The IC set could have been better. I’m sure it was a set that was a rushed set and or produced by someone who is not a wrestling fan. I’m sure part of it is that WWE already had those matches in their system and they did not want to digitize more matches (probably the main reason why lots of matches are on several DVD releases and not necessarily because they are good).

        I would recommend either the world title or WWE title set if you are looking for a set based on one of WWE’s titles.

        Keep up the good work.

  6. Dean says:

    I just have to say, it was the DuPont network that advertised and funded all those early TV shows. They were a big time plastics company back in the day.

    Sorry, my TV geek was getting itchy, but other than that, Dre’s outtro and the recap on the match was great.