Episode #38 – The Main Event Feb 5, 1988



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  1. Simon Mulvaney says:

    Who’s Dave Hefner?

    Now Dave Hebner on the other hand, I’ve heard of him.

    Other than that another awesome show.

    • Black Cat says:

      haha. i will defer this one to dre because i’ve said “hebner” for 20 some years but heard him keep saying “hefner” in the show so i thought it was so some strange pronunciation of “hebner” or i had just been saying it wrong.

      thanks for listening and the feedback!

  2. Dre says:

    Dude, if I had a nickel for every word I mispronounced on our podcasts, I could quit my day job.

    • Dre says:

      And to answer your question, Dave Heffner is the evil twin brother of Hugh Heffner. He once screwed Hulk Hogan out of the playboy mansion gratto.

    • Black Cat says:

      I actually paid for our bandwidth bill with my botched attempt to explain the NWA to WCW title history.

  3. KJ1974 says:

    Heard this on a podcast with Earl Hebner describing the events of the day. Earl was a referee for Jim Crockett Promotions up until 1988 and meanwhile his twin brother Dave had been a long time WWF referee. Earl kept the secret from his son Brian who was a NWA fan and rarely watched the WWF. The day of the event he told his son to make a point to watch the Main Even and when he first found out that his dad was a WWF employee. The Main Event was the first match he officiated for the WWF.

  4. The Following Contest says:


    Kayfabe (pronounced “kay” – “fabe,” rhymes with “babe.” K-Fay-Buh)

  5. Rusty Brooks Biggest Fan says:

    I used to love Sat. Night’s Main Event as a kid. My mom would record it for me on VHS, bc I wasnt allowed to stay up that late yet in the 80s. I would of course wake up at like 6 or 7 am to watch it Sunday morning. There isn’t a WWE Pay Per View in the past 10 years that can hold up to ANY episode of SNME!!

    Anyway, another great episode. I enjoy your podcast for many reasons, but allow me to be totally serious here… most of my old friends from the 80s and 90s that I used to watch wrestling with are either dead, or pussy whipped and not allowed to hang with the guys anymore. So now, Dre… Blackcat.. you guys are my new friends!!

    • Dre says:

      Rusty, Glad to be your friend. Hey Black Cat, toss him a black and white “oWp” t-shirt.

    • Black Cat says:

      I think for some reason my Mom used to let me stay up to watch SNME, but only because they didn’t happen that often. I also remember watching them in the summers because it was the only wrestling we got in our remote cabin that had a TV that couldn’t only pick up NBC. That cabin actually reminds me of some wrestling stories I have yet to tell. Wrestling and computers were really my best friends when I was a kid.


      We’re all friends here at the OSWP. Really, I think that’s the point of this podcast and website – we’re not wrestling historians. We’re just shootin’ the shit, talking about wrestling and hoped to find other people like us to join in on the conversation. And once you go oWp, you’re oWp 4 life. And speaking of “not hanging with the guys,” I guess you haven’t figured out we record this late at night in our basements when we have all our other responsibilities done. 😉

      • Rusty Brooks Biggest Fan says:

        Word up Black Cat. Although my old school friends are no longer around, I have a feeling they werent much different than you guys, or any of the posters here.

        I am glad you guys are able to sneak into the basement together.

        I am waiting for you to review Hulk Hogan vs. Rusty Brooks though.. I have actually reviewed that match myself on my blog.

        • Black Cat says:

          – to break “k-fay-buh” for a moment, it’s actually a basement & extra bedroom – we are connected via the wonders of the internet.

          – what’s your blog?

  6. Jeff says:

    I was a huge fan back during this time in wrestling, and want to point out a couple things that I did not have the intellect to do when I was 11.
    The WWF did something great and horrible with WMIV. What they did great was have the tournament because other than Hulk/Andre there was no hot fueds going on like WMIII, which was jammed packed with heat.It was a way to bring heat to a mediocre booked Federation.
    What they did horribly wrong was have their top guys one and done in that format. Guys like Bam Bam, Jake Roberts, Rick Rude, Hogan and Andre. Don’t forget we were sooooooo close to seeing the WM rematch with the Dragon and the Macho Man.One Man Gang and DiBiase are no slouches but the top guys were all eliminated too early.
    Compare the talent at that time with JCP. Flair hit the nail right on top of the head that talent v talent there was no comparison. Anyone could make it from JCP to WWF no problem, but the only ones that could cross the other way would be Savage, Roberts, Steamboat(obviously), DiBiase,Rude, maybe the Hart Foundation. Give me a take on that OSWP fans. WMIV should have been a flop, going from 93,175(counting Gorilla and Jessie)with the hottest Main Event EVER to this day, to a great idea but poorly booked tournament with ZERO heat.

    • Black Cat says:

      – you make a good point there wasn’t much else going on. it was a good way to elevate some of the other guys like macho man. as far as squashing some of the other guys, just comes with the tournament format, i guess.

      – i remember being excited by the possibility of seeing macho/steamboat again. i think wm4 was actually steamboat’s last tv appearance before showing back up in the NWA in January 1989.

      – i think it’s pretty well accepted the wrestling talent at that time was predominantly in the JCP/NWA

      – as far as wm 3 > wm 4…it is strange you go from the 73k/93k pontiac silverdome show to the wm 4 show with only 18k. will have to look into the background of that before the next show.

  7. The Nacho Man says:

    Loved this episode! It took me back to a mystical place in my mind!!

    The late 80’s in the UK was not an easy time for a WWF fan (NWA was unknown to us, except for the rappers). The ITV channel would show Superstars in the wee small hours on a random mid-week nigh, or just not show it at all, so viewing was tough. Then Rupert Murdochs Sky TV acquired the rights and gave it a push that would make even Triple H say “steady on lads, thats a bit much”, which ultimately led to Summerslam 92 being hld in Wembley, but I digress.

    Ths show happended a few months before I started watching WWF, so finding out about it explained why Savage was champ and not the guy fro Rocky 3. Hogan losing and the whole twin referees thing was enough to blow the minds of my friends and I. It was too much for a 13 yo to take, especially as we had zero chance of seein the match – noneof us had any tape trading contacts and youtube was a long way off, so the match took on near mythical qualities as we pondered whow good it was.

    So to hear you guys talking about it took me back to the cooles time of my wrestling fandom – when things were still mysterious and legendary, Hogan wasn’t a giant dick and matches weren’t on demand.

    Keep up the fantastic work chaps, I can’t wait for the WM4 podcast. A poor show but no doubt plenty o fodder for your hilarious commentary!


    • Rusty Brooks Biggest Fan says:

      I am looking forward to the WM4 Podcast as well. WM4 is sort of a “forgotten” Wrestlemania, and possibly with good cause. But if I know the OSWP, the more horrible the show, the funnier the podcast will be.

      I wasnt too keen on WM4 because I didnt like the tournament format. I didnt want to see the same guys wrestling over and over. I guess my many, my favorite is WM3, and to be honest.. besides Hogan/Andre and Savage/Steamboat.. most of those matches are horrible also. Cmon.. Hercules vs. Billy Jerk Haynes?

      • Jeff says:

        Hey Rust, you have got to be joking. WMIII will go down a thousand years from now as the greatest pro wrestling event of all time. The build up to the event was awesome, and the event itself backed it up a thousand fold, with Hulk/Andre with the Pipers Pit episodes, the Macho Man/Steamboat rivalry, even Piper/Adonis had a very good story line. Dont forget about Dirty Danny Davis taking on guys he screwed out of belts. When you actually get to the event, Aretha, the atmosphere, an excellent lead off match. Dre and Cat Im not going to steal anymore of your thunder…
        Sorry, Rust, you are seriously wrong. WMIII was jam packed with outstanding wrestling. Even the midget match was entertaining with the little guys running around. Billy Jack/Hercules was not that bad. Rougeau’s/Dream Team, Tito/Bulldogs v. Hart Foundation/Davis, Bees v Sheik/Volkoff. JYD reminded you why he was as popular as anyone taking on the King of Wrestling, The worst match of the night was Hulk/Andre, but the hype was so intense, it didnt matter. WMIII was as good as promised. The only wrestling event to ever live up to the hype!

        • Rusty Brooks Biggest Fan says:


          I did say that WM3 was my favorite WM of all time…

          I was 9 at the time of WM3.. I remember the build up between Hogan and Andre.. in which Roddy Piper, Bobby Heenan, and Jesse Ventura played big parts. There has never been and will never be another main event that will ever compare to Hogan vs. Andre. And of course, we all know Savage vs Steamboat is a classic.

          What I meant was this..

          Many of the undercard matches SUCKED. And I did forgot Piper v. Adonis.. that was a good match. My bad.

          I still to this day hate the fact that Hacksaw Jimmy Doogan caused the Killer Bs to get disqualified against Sheil and Volkoff, when he hit Sheik with his 2×4. That match was actually damn good, and had potential to be a WM classic, but that 2×4 wielding tard ruined it!!

          Also, Hercules vs. Billy Jerk Haynes… honestly, I have never been able to get excited about either of these 2 guys. These guys are among the most boring main event stars of all time.

          JYD vs Harley Race… didnt care for it. I enjoy good “wrestling”, and JYD was NOT a good wrestler. His matches were quite painful. Sure he was well loved and he was entertaining, but Harley Race is an NWA legend, and he couldve had a better match against another opponent with more sound wrestling ability. Those 2 did not have chemistry.

          Bundy and his the midgets vs. Hillbilly Jim and his midgets was one of the most retarded things I have EVER seen in wrestling.

          NOW.. the Hart Foundation Match was ok. I give you that. The opening match with Orton/Muracco vs. Can Am Connection was a good match.. good enough for an opener. HTM vs. Jake Roberts was kinda blah to me..

          But regardless… WM3 is STILL the best WM of all time.

          • Black Cat says:

            Billy Jack Haynes was the shit. Any man that can pull off a neck-band (see Strike Force) is okay in my book.

            And we are going to have a showdown about your blasphemous comments regarding Junkyard Dog. Oh. My. God.

            • The Jeff Machine says:

              Yeah Don’t disrespect Big Daddy Ritter as he was known in Mid Atlantic in the 70s.

    • Black Cat says:

      It seems like this show and wm 4 really evokes a lot of memories for all of us. Thanks for the UK perspective!

      • Jeff says:


        I respect the hell out of your knowledge, and would throughly enjoy a well entertained conversation on this subject or anything with you. I just saw someone sending WMIII on a nose dive. I will argue WMIII against anyone who says otherwise. I have seen this event EASILY 200 times from start to finish, and cant wait to see it again. Your candid memory of this and the storylines shows you know what your talking about, and I respect that.
        Thank you for your time, and let these guys know they need to discuss the David Von Erich memorial from 1984. A true forgotten classic where Kerry beat Flair for the belt, and a memorable Freebird/Von Erich Texas Death Match held at Texas Stadium.

        • RBBF says:


          I would love for OSWP to review the 1984 David Von Erich memorial. One thing I really loved about that show was the atmosphere. I miss outdoor, stadium events… it gave the show something extra special. It was a summer day. Sun was shining. I love the old school, southern wrestling fans in the crowd.. you know.. guys with overalls and beerguts, as well as redneck beauties with teased hair and low cut tops.

          But sure, Flair vs Von Erich is a forgotten classic, and I dont know why WWE hasnt put it on any of their DVDs yet… WWE has produced like 2 or 3 Flair DVDs, and not once did this match appear on them. Nor did it appear on the WWE World Class DVD.

          World Class was really cool. When I was probably 10 or 11, it started coming on ESPN in the afternoon, about 4 PM or so. I remember coming home from school… 3rd and 4th grade, and watching World Class on ESPN. ESPN also showed AWA as well during this time, and did until 1990 or so, when I was in 6th grade. Only bad thing is, by the time World Class made cable tv, it was already past its glory days… sad…

        • Jeff says:

          Here is the card from Texas Stadium, 6 May 1984. The David Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions.

          Chris Adams and Sunshine defeated Jimmy Garvin and Precious.
          Junkyard Dog defeated The Missing Link by disqualification.
          Kamala (with Skandor Akbar) fought to a draw with Great Kabuki (w/Gary Hart).
          Butch Reed defeated Chick Donovan.
          Buck Zumhofe and Iceman King Parsons defeated NWA American Tag Team Champions The Super Destroyers (Bill & Scott Irwin) (w/Skandor Akbar) to win the titles.
          Kerry Von Erich defeated Ric Flair (c) to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.
          Kevin, Mike and Fritz Von Erich defeated the Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts) for the NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Championship.

          On paper, doesn’t look like a barn burner, but with the emotion of David’s death, the heat in that place was awesome. David was on his way to superstardom, but Von Erich’s never got much love outside of Texas, so who knows, but he definetly could have been the best Von Erich.
          World Class had a great run with the Freebirds/Von Erich rivalry, for which I would put in the top 10 all time feuds, and for the 80’s possibly in that top spot, maybe outside of Dusty vs. the Horseman. Ill never forget that Christmas Night in 1982 when Hayes slammed Von Erich’s head with the steel cage door, lighting the fuse……
          Bruser Brody, the Great Kabuki, and Rick Rude had a run in WCCW, along with staples Cris Adams, Eddie Gilbert, Steve Simpson, and the DINGO???? Warrior. Yes this was another great alternative to the WWF, but once again, if you can sell merchandise, you cant last in professional wrestling.

          • Black Cat says:

            We fully intend to do some WCCW in the near future. I have a bunch of World Class from 83-86 I need to get through. I’m sure I have parts of the show. I’ll have to see if Dre or someone has the whole show.

  8. I was at my local Jewel and they had peanut butter oreos on sale for $2.50. I put them in my basket. My wife then replaced them with mint oreos. I really like the mint ones too, but I had claimed I would have tried the peanut butter ones before you released the next podcast. Even after explaining to her that I had a promise to keep, she insisted on the mint. So before the sale ends, I’m going to go and get peanut butter oreos on my own time. But I must confess I didn’t finish the task at hand by the time I said I would.

    Coke Zero’s good, but you gotta do milk with any kind of oreo.

    Our buddy The Drake insists that Wrestlemania IV is the greatest card of all time.

    I loved the psychology of a Randy Savage impression. Zero and I joke that it isn’t physically possible for Savage to straighten his fingers; they’re always bent.

    Sensational Sherry was on the indies after WCW. Promoters would want her to win her matches but she insisted on losing. Her reasoning was she’d always be Sherry Martel but her opponents would then be known to the area as the girl who beat Sherry Martel. Professionalism rules.

    Rockin’ Robin was on the first Wrestlemania?

    I had also heard the story that Honky Tonk Man balked at dropping the IC title to Macho Man and to appease Macho he got the World title at Wrestlemania IV. Some say Dibiase got screwed but he was also given the means to live the gimmick. Vince made it so Dibiase dined in 5-star restaurants, traveled in limos and stayed in 5-star hotels. Not a bad trade off since it’s all about the money anyway.

    I believe I read somewhere that Strike Force won the match against the Hart Foundation that got cut off at the end of the NBC broadcast.

    There will now always be a place in my heart for “Roughneck Jay Ryan will F you up fool!”

    Please tell me the rendition of “Pump Up the Jam” at the end was a recording of Dre’s tape and not a digital recording from I-Tunes or a CD.

    Did they ever explain where Dave Hepner was during the Hogan-Andre match? I understand Dibiase paid off Earl Hepner, but where was Dave during the match? He didn’t show up until he and Earl were arguing and pointing fingers at each other.

    • Black Cat says:

      – I’m pretty sure that wasn’ the Hardcore Badass at the grocery store, but my dear, sensitive friend Jim. The HBA would never let such a thing happen. If HBA wants Peanut Butter Oreos, he gets his peanut butter oreos. Put on the backwards cap, the sunglasses, and the cowboy boots and go get those cookies, son.

      – I will address Rockin’ Robin shortly.

      – That was the original “Pump Up the Jam” that Dre captured off the recording.

      – I don’t think they said where Dave was. Dre?

      • Okay, I finally tried peanut butter oreos 2 nights ago. Very good as expected. Double Stuff is still my favorite but peanut butter was worth the extra trip.

  9. Trak9 says:

    I’m sure you already know this, but Randy Savage and Ms. Elizabeth were married in real life when this show happpend. They were no longer married when they were both in WCW.

    Rockin Robin is not in the WWE hall of fame. I believe you two were thinking of Wendi Richter who was part of last year’s hall of fame class and who wrestled at Wrestlemania I. Wendi was the women’s champion during the “orginal” screwjob in November of 1985. She wrestled the masked Spider Lady who beat Wendi for the title. Wendi unmasked the Spider who was revealed to be the Fabulous Moolah. The reason for the title switch had to do with Wendi Richter and Vince McMahon arguing over compensation.

    The Hogan, Andre contract signing happened at the very first Royal Rumble at the Copps Coliseum in Hamiltion, Ontario on January 24,1988. Andre threw the table at Andre the Giant which knocked Hulk Hogan over.

    The Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant steel cage match happened after Wrestlemania IV. It actually took place at County Stadiun on July 31st, 1988. Like both of you said they did wrestle in house shows including when the WWF “invaded” Crockett country in the late 80’s. You both can probably guess how well those shows did (not very well).

    Ted Dibiase did “defend” the title before wrestlemania IV mostly against Bam Bam Bigelow on house shows. He also worked tag matches with Andre vs. Hulk Hogan and Bam Bam Bigelow before Wrestemania IV.

    By the way Andre was 41 when he wrestled Hulk Hogan on this show. Hulk Hogan was 34 at the time.

    • Black Cat says:

      – So, yes, I misspoke. I meant Wendi Richter.

      – I knew the “signing” was in January but forgot it was the Rumble.

      – Fascinating to learn DiBiase defended the title…I’ll have to see if I can dig that up on video.

      – I can’t believe Andre was in his 40s. Dude looked like he was not only 80 but a walking corpse.

      • RBBF says:

        Having grown up in Georgia, Wendi Richter, Rockin Robin, and Judy Martin all totally remind me of one of the old MILFs that we used to see at country music bars back in the late 90s. They were the kind of women that you wouldn’t dream of taking home to your parents, but if you got totally blasted on liquor, you might put your standards on hold for the night. God bless Wendi. As much as I hate the Diva division of today, the Divas sure looked a hell of a lot better than Moolah, Rockin Robin, Lelani Khai, Wendi Richter…etc.

      • Uncle Soda says:

        Hey Black Cat. I wanted to give something back after you went hardcore with your Hogan imitation. It’s not a title defense, but here you can see DiBiase with the belt the day after the Main Event. As an added bonus it takes place in the awesome Boston Garden. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3iy7g_hulk-hogan-bam-bam-bigelow-vs-andre_sport

  10. The Stillinator says:

    Hey Black Cat,

    Another awesome podcast regarding The Main Event. I’m really looking forward to the Wrestlemania IV one next week. Are you going to mention the Saturday Night’s Main Event that was before WMIV? That had the legitimate injury to Harley Race and really set up the DiBiase/Savage feud. Again terrific work on the show and thanks for the stickers.

    “The Stillinator” Tim Still

    • Black Cat says:

      The March 12, 1988 snme? I’m working on a timeline on the buildup for WM4, so that should be included.

      • The Stillinator says:

        Yes, the 3/12/88 SNME is the one I was mentioning. Great to hear that will be included!

  11. Rusty Brooks... says:

    Black Cat, re: my blog.. I am trying to put some finishing touches on it. I have 3 entries already, but not sure how I want the format, etc. I will post you the link in a couple days, and you can see the entries from the past few months. OR, do you have an email here I can send the link to?

  12. Jeff says:

    I can’t believe no one has asked about the 400lb gorilla yet.

    Why is Lou Ferigno lifting the car. Did he lock the keys inside and is walking it back home?

  13. Jeff says:

    Foot in mouth,that’s blastphomy. I didn’t get an up close until now. I actually have been using my blackberry instead of my computer.Woopsie. Andre could fold him up like a lawnchair.

    • Black Cat says:

      hah – i was really confused by your first comment. i was trying to remember if one of us talked about lou ferigno lifting a car in the episode.

      i have a collection of strange andre the giant pictures, so you’ll probably see more of these in the future.

  14. Uncle Soda says:

    OH YEAH!! The site is as close to bursting as Randy Savage’s neck veins. Dig it!! (I tried to type this with both hands, but my left index finger kept flying up to a waving position). I predict the podcast for the most watched match ever will become your most commented show in short time.

    I am so glad you did this show. This was my first serious mark-out moment, and the show that took me from casual fan to being hooked on WWF. I remember a friend from school called me ten seconds after the show had ended and just screamed “Did you see what happened?!?”. Even in Sweden this angle made waves. Being a new fan was pretty confusing because Sky Channel would broadcast old shows on Thursdays, and current shows on Mondays. So while Savage was attacking Steamboat on Thursdays he was buddies with Hogan on Mondays.

    The SNME intros with the logos and short promos and the intense music is the best intro any TV show has ever had. They always managed to make every single match-up seem larger-than-life.

    Great to hear Hogan’s maniacal work out laugh get mentioned and imitated. Unusual for Hogan to not close a segment with posing. Somewhere in an alternative universe there is a Hulk Hogan celebrating every victory with laughter instead of posing. He also drinks Coke Zero with his Oreos.

    About the “controversial” 3-count at WMIII. I think the beauty of it was that the fans could see that Hogan wasn’t pinned, but it actually sounds like Joey Marella slaps the mat 3 times. Funny how Jesse Ventura would always complain that Marella was the ref in all of Hogan’s matches, claiming he was biased. Then finally, when Hogan has a big defense without Marello in the ring those whacky Hebners got the better of him. I’m sure Bret Hart can relate (in spite of recent Twitter absurdity). Dangerous Danny Davis has nothing on the Hebners.

    I like that Dre pointed out the effect of Andre coming out without music. DiBiase, Beefcake and Duggan didn’t have music at this time either, and it made their entrance a bit dull, but for Andre it was cool.

    I have also read that DiBiase was supposed to win the strap at WMIV and then Savage would chase the title during the summer and then win it at SummerSlam’88. Although it’s a shame DiBiase never got the title I think it was better for the MegaPowers feud that Savage got a full year as a champ before their WM5 battle. His turn would have come too soon after the title win otherwise (well, at least back then).

    With that said, I don’t believe the rumours about Honky Tonk Man blackmailing Vince like that. He was a great draw at the time so it makes sense that he would be kept around short term, but he stayed around for many years and I wonder if that would have happened if the rumours were true. I agree with Black Cat – Honky Tonk Man was awesome.

    So now we go on the road to WrestleMania, as in WMIV. I would never dream of calling it the best WM, but nonetheless it is my favourite WrestleMania. Btw, I seem to remember that the weekly Event Centres leading up to WMIV had a graphical intro with a road to WrestleMania clip. I’m guessing it was the first time that term was used.

    Very nice touch with Pump Up the Jam cutting of your closing segment.

    • Black Cat says:

      I love that you compared flairchop.com to Randy Savage’s neck. Thank you.

      You are not the only one to say this was their favorite WM. Mind expounding as to why?

      And I was very proud of the Pump Up the Jam touch. 😉

  15. Jeff says:

    Totally love the new graphic, along with the Nacho Barrera shoot.

    Been following you guys since Christmas time when I found this podcast on my BlackBerry and have been trying to catch up with all the previous podcasts. Being a JCP mark comparable to David Crockett, obviously my favorite episodes have been Starrcade 87, the Great American Bash(I left her at home), and my absolute favorite being the Flair/Steamboat Trilogy.

    Back to my first comment about cramming your first podcasts in. I was listening to the LT/Bam Bam episode, and at the closing of it was some random girl appearing to make some strange video diary of herself singing Salt and Pepa’s song “What a Man”….

    I am like anybody else, I love to see (or hear) people make complete morons out of themselves. You have my attention, please explain.

    • Black Cat says:

      – New graphic is thanks to loyal listener and artist Dean Stahl.

      – I’m sure we’ll do plenty of JCP NWA, so there’s more to come. The Flair/Steamboat show was something I wanted to do from the very beginning but wanted to save it for something special.

      – Regarding the What a Man clip…I often find myself digging through youtube for something i find hilarious to throw at the end of the show as an easter egg. No idea who or why did the song. What good is youtube if you can’t find videos of people acting like morons?

  16. Hi guys, still listening even though I don’t always write in. Only half way through this one but it’s already shaping up to be one of the best you have ever put out. Love this era and I’m probably the biggest Dibiase mark that listens, so am really looking forward to next week’s show.

    I was going to explain the Dibiase winning the title at WM4/ HTM refusing to job the IC title rumour but I can see it’s already been done. Personally, if you look at the booking, I can see some credibility to the rumour – the Savage/Honky match at The Main Event CLEARLY wasn’t the blow off, why? Because heels never ever won the big blow off matches back then, everything was set up for Macho to win the IC title at WM 4. Similarly, since joining the WWF in late 87, Dibiase received the monster push of all monster pushes and his heat levels were so high in 1988 that it was believable that he’d be a heel champ for Hogan (or Savage) to take down at Summerslam.

    However, why it didn’t happen is anyone’s guess. I’ve seen less evidence of HTM blackmailing. It’s perfectly possible that Vince saw the reaction Savage was getting and decided that a Savage/ Dibiase feud over the summer with Savage as champ would be big money with Andre/ Hogan on the B house shows.

    Given that we got 4-5 classic Savage vs. Dibiase matches out of it (WM 4, cage match at Wrestlefest, SNME, plus the tag matches) I’d probably accept that it was the right move, even though it would have been nice for Ted to have a legit reign.

    I actually think the WWF’s storytelling in the period is the best ever. You can draw a straight line right through the set up to the Andre/ Hogan feud going into WM3, to Dibiase coming in and buying the contract, to this amazing buying the belt/ twin ref angle, the WM4 tourney, the Megapowers all the way through to WM5. It’s like 3 years of really really solid storytelling.

    Even at WM5 there’s great continuity, with Dibiase helping Andre out vs. Jake (by stealing Damien) and Jesse Ventura still sore about what happened at SS88. I just LOVE this era so much.

    Great job guys.

    • Black Cat says:

      I like your theories about HTM & Savage. I suspect something caused them to change the longterm booking. Dre had a theory about Hogan asking for time off or something like that, so maybe there was a few different things going on.

      I’m starting to get on board with you and others…you’re right, the storytelling from this time period is incredibly compelling. The wrestling was obviously happening in the NWA, but I can understand why the WWF was the company that eventually won the war.

      I really want to just keep talking about the WWF around this time period, but we’re going to move on to other things and hopefully come back to WWF 87-89 soon.

  17. portcitykid says:

    I do enjoy your podcast but I have a few things I want to bring up. You should really research your history more before going onto the air. First off, the music played in the Hulk Hogan workout video ended up becoming Jake Roberts music when he was a face between 89 to 91. Second Hogan and Andre had only one other match before Main Event 88. That was a tag match. The Cage match was in the Summer of 88. The story behind Savage and Honky goes as follows. Million Dollar Man was slated to win the Tourny at WM IV. And lose it back to Hogan at Summerslam 88. The reason being Hogan was filming No Holds Barred and that was why he lost the title in the first place. Honky did not want to drop the title back to Savage because he was getting screwed and there was no program for him after the switch. They could not have there IC champion going to NWA because it would kill there business. Vince agreed to let Honky keep the title and give Savage the title at WM IV. And also it makes more sense why Honky lost the title at Summerslam 88 with no offense at all