Episode #36 – Mulkeymania! and the Lee Marshall Road Report

This week Dre and the Black Cat settle their Super Bowl bet as they break down this NWA Saturday Night classic – the night MULKEYMANIA WAS BORN! Greatest episode of the OSWP ever. You also get a special treat as your hosts take the show on the road with a special bonus at the end of the show.


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  1. Rusty Brooks Biggest Fan says:

    I used to LOVE the Mulkeys when I was a kid watching NWA/WCW, and I remember this match. My friend and I when we were kids, used to put on football pads and paint our face with magic marker (pretending to be the Road Warriors), and we would go ambush my little brother (while he was playing video games) and start stomping on his ass and kicking him in the ribs. We would yell, “YOUR ASS IS OURS MULKEY”. We would pound on him until he cried for my dad, who would ultimately end of beating all 3 of us for interupting his beer drinking.

    I used to REALLY dig the old jobbers. We need them back, bc matches with main event stars should be for pay per views and special events, not weekly tv. Jobbers are what helped angles play out longer, and made wrestlers not so stale. I mean, if Hogan vs. Andre would have been held in 2010, we would have seen them wrestler at least 20 times on RAW before Wrestlemania.

    But my real issue is that jobbers no longer…
    ready for my list 🙂

    1) are pasty white- they all have tans…
    2) pot bellied- I dunno about you, but a jobber should have a beer gut… not a 6 pack
    3) have hair backs- nuff said.. you guys have touched on this
    4) have mullets
    5) wear mismatched ring attire

    • Black Cat says:

      Playing “Mulkies” with your little brother is awesome. Good work.

      I’d love to see low-card guys again. Though I love all of the things on your list, they don’t even have to look that bad. Just don’t give them a gimmick. Throw them out there and have them get beat in 2 minutes or less.

      I think the mismatched ring attire really tied the whole look together, btw.

      • Rusty Brooks Biggest Fan says:

        I didn’t see this particular reply last visit to the messages..

        Now, Black Cat… you say you wouldn’t mind seeing jobbers again either, but that they don’t even have to look bad (ie like the Mulkeys or Rusty Brooks)… just no gimmick… I can buy that.

        Only problem is that most stars don’t have a gimmick anymore. I mean look at 90% of the RAW and SD roster… it’s just a bunch of guys with standard ring attire, who come to the music to crappy nu-metal songs, and go by their real name. BORING!

  2. Rusty Brooks Biggest Fan says:

    PS Guys- I love you guys show, but there is one SERIOUS pet peeve I have with it.

    You guys keep referring to “Crockett Promotions” as “The NWA” or “WCW”. That burns a whole in my old school soul. From 1985 to 1988, “Crockett Promotions” ran a show on TBS called “World Championship Wrestling”, which was “sanctioned” by the NWA.

    In other words, Crockett Promotions wasn’t actually THE NWA, but was just a PART of the NWA. The NWA included World Class in Dallas and CWA in Memphis, along with Championship Wrestling from Florida, and other promotions in Houston (The Funks) and St Lois (Harley Race).

    In 1988, Crockett Promotions sold out to Ted Turner, and the promotion was renamed “WCW” or… “World Championship Wrestling”, and its flagship show of course was WCW Saturday Night. At this time, WCW was still sanctioned by the NWA, but not for long. They would break ties by 1990 I believe it was.

    So, this match (Mulkeys vs. Gladiators) was held under Crockett Promotions, not WCW or NWA. I mean, Crockett Promotions was no more the NWA than the Atlanta Falcons or Denver Broncos are the NFL. Theyre just a part of it.

    So please guys… be historically accutre for ya homeboy, RBBF.

    • Black Cat says:

      You’re completely correct. What you’re hearing is my 10 year brain because at that time they were the NWA to me. Now you’ll never hear me refer to 1987 NWA as WCW (or you better not). That’s blasphemy.

  3. Black Cat I too spent many an afternoon playing wiffleball. Was the fishing show that was on before wrestling Bassmasters?

    Dre, it’s a good thing you explained the “Deer in headlights” saying because I had no idea what you were talking about 🙂

    George South was awesome, whether he was Gladiator #1 or #2. From what I hear, George South is someone you’d have an okay chance of getting to talk to if you really wanted. He’d be easier to get than David Crockett I would have to believe.

    Nice Super Tito reference, “Dropkick” Kenny Flagpole.

    I absolutely loved the clip of David Crockett going nuts for the Mulkeys win. You gotta do things to make it seem real. If the commentator doesn’t care, why should I?

    Randy, Bill, put down your sack lunch = brilliant.

    Black Cat, is the voice you used to read British Bullfrog’s piece the same you use to read to your kid?

    I should clarify that I would prefer a continued mix of full show reviews and mini-casts. If I had to pick, I’d pick the full shows but I would much rather you continue doing what you’re doing.

    Being vaguely familiar with Dreamwave Wrestling, I’m curious who got jacknifed by Nash. Was Dan Lawrence on the show? Was Zero Gravity on the show? Zero Gravity recently confessed to me they were fans of that local promotion you two are very familiar with from 10 years ago.

    Black Cat, how did getting Nash to sign your Observer over the winner for best wrestler of the year go? I hope it went better than when you wanted New Jack to sign your Taka picture.

    Mickey’s Massive Burrito’s!!! I was warned their food would cause trouble to my digestive track but I enjoyed my burrito and was fine afterward.

    Dre, one of the first rules of going to indy shows is you always bring your gear in case the promoter recognizes you and needs another hand.

    I would love to hear the origin of Dre’s fear of writing in public.

    I can vouch for Billy Gunn and Roaddogg for bringing in a crowd. There’s an indy in Joliet, IL who’s biggest draw came when the New Age Outlaws were in the main event.

    • Dre says:


      Yes, Dan was in the opener. I said hi as we were leaving. He was strategically standing next to the exit after the show 😉

      We both marked out when Zero Gravity was announce as hailing from Bloomington IL, but when we saw them, we thought they would have been 8 years old when FUW was rocking.

      • Black Cat says:

        I still don’t believe they were old enough to come watch our shows, but that is awesome.

    • Dre says:

      In my best Alex Guinnes voice “Dropkick Kenny Flagpole, now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a very, very long time.”

    • Black Cat says:

      – I think it was Bassmasters. I still have scenes from that show burned into my brain. Might be why I hate fishing.

      – I have a number of voices that I use to read books to my son. You’ve only heard a few. I think that was me summoning my inner-Brit.

      – I think the guy who got jackknifed was Ryland Foxx, a manager or maybe it was Juice, the guy he managed. The best part was post-jackknife when Nash told Colt to get the f out of the ring and let him have his moment on the second turnbuckle.

      – I always have my gear and these days I might not blow up in 15 seconds.

      – I was not going to pay Nash $20 for an autograph. I did get Colt to sign it. Terry Funk is going to be there in April, who I might actually spend the money on for an autograph.

      – I’d probably eat at Micky’s again, only because there was nothing else in the area that I’d eat.

    • Black Cat says:

      Forgot to mention this –

      I fear the joy of wiffleball is being lost on the current generation of children. I am going to work very hard to make sure there is a wiffleball league of some sort in my son’s neighborhood when he’s older.

  4. Rusty Brooks Biggest Fan says:

    Black Cat,

    I hope my post (re: NWA) wasn’t rude or ugly. I just HAD to say it :). I tell ya though, you, me and Dre might have been switched at birth.. I as a 10 yr old used to call it “NWA” as well. And later my 12 year old brain used to wonder why there was a rap group named after a wrestling federation. Or why the lead singer from the Police was wrestling Ric Flair..

    • Black Cat says:

      I wanted to elaborate on this some more and I might even repeat some of this on the next podcast because this is an interesting subject.

      So, like I mentioned, my “NWA” reference really is my childhood brain talking, but am I really that incorrect? Yes, there were other NWA territories, but really JCP had become the primary territory, as they really controlled the heavyweight championship. The legendary NWA Board of Directors was defunct by that point and the NWA was really only a name by 1988. My understanding of the history is this – JCP tried to go big in 87, failed, and sold to Turner around 1988, who started to phase in the WCW name, but still kept the NWA name around for legacy purposes.

      And I’ll save my NWA wrestling promotion/gangsta rap group story for a podcast. It involves my mother.

  5. Rusty Brooks BiggestFan.. says:

    One last thing.. I live about an hour from Anderson, SC (where the Mulkeys are from), and I know a guy who claims to know the Mulkeys. I talked to him about 2-3 years ago, and asked him what they are up to these days.. he said they do indie shows periodcially, but that Randy is a truck driver, and Bill works as a carpenter in his father’s cabinet shop. I can NOT verify this info, but it sounds possible.

    • Black Cat says:

      That is good to hear. We all have seen how resilient they are, so I’m not surprised they are doing well.

      I’d pay good money to have a Mulkey Family Curio Cabinet in my house.

  6. Dr. C says:

    So I Googled Mulkey-mania because, well, I’m at work and I don’t have anything else more productive to do. I came across a Myspace page (mulkeybros) and among their 393 fans are the Gladiators. Must’ve forgiven them for that whole playground finisher the Mulkeys pulled off back in ’87!

  7. David Lo Pan says:

    I’m sooo bummed. I mean, MAN, am I bummed. Not only does my team (Steelers) lose AND I look like a fool in my prediction, but I STILL have no earthly idea of who the Mulkeys are! I mean, yeah-they’re jobbers-I get it. But if BlackCats idea of posting a podcast that’s jobber-based is his idea for a good time, then sirs-your podcast is cruel and unusual.

    That said, we should not forget the jobbers that followed: Iron Mike Sharpe, The Brooklyn Brawler, Barry Horrowitz, Duane Gill, and MVP. For those about to job: We salute you

  8. British Bullfrog says:

    Were the Mulkeys the cousins that Ricky Morton’s family didn’t ever mention?

    “Who’s that in your family picture Ricky?”
    “Oh thats…I don’t know. I don’t know! Never ask about them again!”

    My ultimate jobber match would be Horowitz & Lombardi (pre Brooklyn Brawler) V The Conquistadores. Maybe a run in from Reno Riggins with special referee Dusty Wolfe disqualifying both teams. This would take place on Wrestling Challenge and Sean Mooney would be handed the responsibilty of commentary.

    What kind of conversations did jobbers have?:

    “Who you got tonight BattleKat?”
    “Papa Shango is going to throw me about for 2 minutes.”

    “I wish Haku was crowned king again, carrying him out on that throne was some gig.”
    “Weren’t you the Gobbledy Gooker?”
    “Yeah…er no it was one of Ricky Morton’s cousins”.

    • Rusty Brooks Biggest Fan says:

      I think there should be a PPV Jobbers Royal Rumble..

      1) Paul Roma
      2) Randy Mulkey
      3) Bill Mulkey
      4) Randy Barber
      5) Jim Powers
      6) Barry Horowitz
      7) Johnny K9
      8) Battle Kat
      9) Action Mike Jackson
      10)Steve Lombardi
      11)Barry O(Orton)
      12)Terry Gibbs
      13)Rusty Brooks
      14)Lee Scott
      15)Mark Young
      16)Tony Mulkey
      17)Duane Gill
      18)Jumpin Joey Maggs
      19) Jose Luis Rivera
      20)Duke Doherty
      21)Rene Goulet
      22)Tony Garea
      23)Conquistador 1
      24)Conquistador 2
      25)George South
      26)Iron Mike Sharpe
      27)Hard Workin’ Bobby Walker
      28)Les Thoronton
      29)Scott Casey
      30)Rocky King

      Craig DeGeorge
      Sean Mooney

      • Siskey says:

        I love this idea. The winner would have the right to team with one other jobber and take on Andre the Giant and would be allowed to walk to the ring.

      • Jeff says:

        What not Columbus, Ohio’s own Frank Williams (from Rowdy Roddy Piper’s Greatest Hits)

  9. Siskey says:

    Guys I love your podcast. I do have a few suggestions. I would like to hear a podcast dedicated to Gordon Solie and another to WWF the Magazine special attention given to the years 1987-1990.

  10. I’m just catching up on some shows I missed. That clip with David Crockett made me laugh out loud on the train this morning. Not just a guffaw, I had a full on laughing fit for about 5 or 6 minutes. That’s fucking hilarious!

    • Black Cat says:

      Glad you liked it – David Crockett is the original superfan. Love the guy.