Episode #35 – Mongo and Greene vs Flair and Anderson Super Bowl Shuffle

Dre and the Black Cat review a gem of a match this week as they take a look at a MONGO MCMICHAEL CLASSIC! Mongo teams with Kevin Greene (not Steene) as they take on Ric Flair and Arn Anderson at the Great American Bash 1996 and discuss their awesome SuperBowl bet.

This episode has been archived in the Season 1 digital box set available for $9.99 at the OSWP Merch Store!


  1. Kevin Jeffrey Kj1974 says:

    The Mulkeys are easily the best tag team from Anderson, South Carolina. MulkeyMania was great.

  2. Well, I was wrong in my prediction of what match you were going to review for this podcast. I thought you were gonna do the battle royal from Wrestlemania 2. I still say the Raw Bowl would’ve been worth your time.

    Dre, was that a Macho Man impression or a Hulk Hogan impression?

    I completely agree with you guys about how it makes no sense for a tag guy to turn on his partner and join the opponents after fighting the opponents in a match. I believe that Mongo went into this match with no thoughts of turning on Greene and joining the Horsemen until Debra showed him the Horsemen T-shirt and the money. Of course I typed this while I had the podcast paused and as soon as I hit play, Dre brings this up.

    I remember being heavy into Monday Nitro before the NWO came along. The first Nitro match I ever saw was Benoit vs. Regal and Benoit won with a Drago Suplex. Needless to say, I was hooked from that point.

    I’m sorry to hear the cold east coast snowstorms prevented Psycho Sid from playing softball, which usually keeps him out of trouble.

    I’m a Bears fan rooting for the Packers because I’d like to be able to say my team lost to the best team, not the 2nd best team in the league. A Packers win means I can argue that the Bears were actually the 2nd best team this year. I believe I’ve seen the Mulkies vs. the Gladiators. Did that match take place on WWF Wrestling Challenge?

    I personally prefer the full shows for the full shows vs. mini-cast debate.

    When did Vince do a hard sell for a helmut including the XFL?

    • Black Cat says:

      I think my explanation for turning on your partners made sense – you gotta go to the pay winda!

      The Vince thing at the end was from the last few years on a RAW. Don’t remember when exactly.

  3. Simon Mulvaney says:

    Another good show however…I prefer the full shows myself.

  4. Rusty Brooks Biggest Fan says:

    I am so glad you did an episode of Steve McMichael and Kevin Greene. When I was a freshman in college in 1997, I had to take a mandatory Health and Safety course for a semester. There were 2 guys in my class in their mid 40s. They were probably the only 2 guys in that class over the age of 20, so they stuck out like a sore thumb.

    They sat together in the front of the class, side by side. One of them was about 6’5”, 300 lbs. He had long black hair, drawn back in a ponytail and always wore aviator shades and this jacket that looked like a high school letterman jacket (but wasn’t). The other guy was about 6’5” as well, and had really long blonde hair and a mustache, and was built like a brick shithouse. He used to wear golf shirts that were so tight his nipples would poke out.

    The guy who sat next to me in class one day, leaned over during the middle of class, and asked me, “hey man… are those 2 losers in the front row Steve McMichael and Kevin Greene from WCW”. Suffice it to say, that guy and I became instant buddies, and spent all semester calling those guys, “Mongo and Greene”.

    PS- Was watching the Falcons vs. Packers the other night, and lost my shit when I saw Kevin Greene on the sidelines… as I had no idea we was still in the NFL!!!

    • Black Cat says:

      Great story. I would like to believe that really was Mongo and Greene. Somehow we keep finding listeners who were in college at the same time that watched pro wrestling.

      I missed Greene at that game. Is he a couch with the Packers now?

      • Dre says:

        Today Kevin Greene is a linebackers coach for the NFL’s green bay packers. Steve McMichael is currently the head coach of the Chicago Slaughter of the semi-pro indoor football league.

        • Rusty Brooks Biggest Fan says:

          Black Cat, I am guessing you and Dre are probably my age (give or take a year). When I listen to you guys podcast, I often find myself thinking, “are these guys reading my mind”. We seem to share a similar perspective when it comes to old school wrestling. But honestly, its probably just guys are our age in general.. we seem to all think the same shit is funny/good/bad/stupid/entertaining.. etc.

          I dare to say that guys OUR age are the ultimate generation of wrestling fans. We grew up as kids in the 80s watching Hogan, Flair, Warrior, etc. We are the same kids who turned off our tv sets in the early 90s when wrestling was “uncool”, and later turned them BACK on in college for the nWo and Attitude era. We made wrestling!!!

  5. Felipe says:

    Hey, I stopped getting episodes automatically sent to my BB. Did you guys stop doing that?

    • Black Cat says:

      I’m not sure how the BlackBerry downloads the show. How did you subscribe to the show? You might need to re-add the RSS feed.

      • Felipe says:

        I am not sure how it works. I saw your show featured on the bb “podcast app” and I just subscribed to the show. I tried re-subscribing and nothing. Last episode showing is #33. Oh well, I will just use iTunes for your show. Just wanted to let you guys know just in case.

  6. Rusty Brooks Biggest Fan says:


    Rusty Brooks Biggest Fan comes fromt he old school. In the 80s, RBBF had to find a closed circuit tv locale if he wanted to watch a PPV. In the 90s, RBBF had to drive up to the local cable company, rent a PPV box, go home and hook it up, and pray it worked. RBBF has a collection of VHS wrestling tapes with tracking issues. RBBF used to read about wrestling in Apter mags, not on a computer. RBBF needs to stop talking in the 3rd person…

  7. David Lo Pan says:

    Dre! I had no idea you were a fellow terrible towel waving Steeler fan. Don’t know if you’re aware but today Troy Polamalu saw his hair’s shadow so I think that means 6 more years of championships. Also condolences to Black Cat on Jay Cutler losing his smile.

    Gotta say: big fan of the bet, guys. As a degenerate gambler/wrestling fan I hope this isn’t the last time there are OSWP stipulations. Although it will be a shame to NOT hear Black Cats pick for a review because even I, as a wrestling NERD, have never even heard of the two teams he mentioned. They sound like characters from the 8 bit old school Nintendo game cleverly titled “Pro Wrestling” (seriously Youtube that stone cold “gem” sometime).

    Kudos to your listeners who thought outside the box and voted for Rock vs Mankind in the empty arena match as an option for your Superbowl podcast. That one didn’t even cross my mind for two reasons: 1) there are no actual football players involved and 2) all of Mick Foleys matches in the last couple of years have essentially been in empty arenas.

    In closing, listening to your podcast I didn’t pick up on whether or not the whole “Randy Savage going to anger management” conversation was real or part of an angle. Anyways, it doesn’t matter. The fact that I’m legitimatly confused is the funny part.

    (P.S. I like the PPVs slightly more but there is a place for your minicasts. Lots of gold found in those Raws, Nitros, and random matches. I vote for the mix)

  8. Dr. C says:

    You managed to pull a good podcast out of a Mongo match? You truly are Flair-esque! I understand your emerging man-crush on Mongo…I really do. He had the ‘it’ factor that the Horsemen represented. He was a certified bad-ass, hard-partying, legit tough guy.

    BUT he wasn’t believable in the ring. Maybe it’s nitpicky, but I HATED his three-point stance move in which he didn’t run over the guy, but somehow used his arm to push the opponent’s knee which made the opponent do a front flip(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5w2AoDiEpDY – 6 minutes in).

    Like I said, you made lemonade out of a lemon on this podcast. Kudos.

    And I also like the full-show recaps, only because we get to see a “fuller picture” of the promotion at that point.