#31 – ICP and Vampiro vs Leroux, Smiley, and Prince Iaukea – WCW Nitro 1999

This episode is tougher than a $2 steak! Okay, so in my honest opinion, 1999 is when professional wrestling really started to go down the pooper and here’s a good place to start. Seven dudes (including Raven) in a completely absurd six-man tag match that could lead to discussion about 613 different story lines and character changes over the last 12 years. We also learn about Lash LeRoux’s current projects and discuss our love for Norman Smiley. We also discuss Verne Gagne’s landscaper.

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  1. Kevin Jeffrey (kj1974) says:

    3 Count – Shannon Moore, Shane Helms, Evan Karagias
    Team Canada – (Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, Elix Skipper, and Jim Duggan)
    Misfits In Action (General Rection, Lt. Loco, Corporal Cajun, and Major Stash)
    General Rection – Hugh Morrus
    Lt. Loco – Chavo Gueerro
    Corporal Cajun – Lash LeRoux
    Major Stash – Van Hammer

    • Black Cat says:

      I remember Team Canada, but none of the character names. Major Stash and Corporal Cajun?!@

  2. mr vecellio says:

    i loves me some prince nakamakie

  3. I love it that Mr. Vecellio has discovered the Old School Wrestling Podcast.

    I haven’t listened to this one yet but wanted to share this: Major Stash was originally to be named Private Stash. Van Hammer complained that the name implied he was the lowest ranking guy in the group, so management caved and they settled on Major Stash. Can you imagine if Van Hammer complained to Vince McMahon or Kevin Dunn about the name they gave him and the reason for the need in change?

    • Black Cat says:

      You’re fired!

      And I hadn’t thought much about this, but I’m pretty sure Van Hammer ranks in my top 10 least favorite wrestlers of all time, maybe top 5.

  4. Kids in my high school would drink Faygo and made it a point to let everyone know why they chose to drink it. The stuff actually wasn’t bad.

    I remember HATING the Stranglemania tape. This was when I was developing my respect for Japanese wrestling so for
    ICP to go on there and just make fun of everything and cuss nonstop wasn’t my idea of a good time. Maybe someday
    I’ll give it a second look.

    Terry Funk talks about when ICP came to his house in his book. They had their talk over bowls of chili.
    Terry ended the story by saying he bought all their albums. Somehow I’m not sure their music style is up
    the Funker’s alley.

    I heard a story from a wrestler who wrestled ICP at one of their independant shows. He said when he got tagged
    in he took a brainbuster and a powerbomb from one of the crowns. I have a feeling psychology isn’t ICP’s strong

    One time Mike Tenay explained that Norman Smiley was actually properly pronounced as “Nor-maun Smile-ay” and
    Schiovone said that was ridiculous and refused to pronounce it that way. Such a gentleman that Schiovone was.

    Smiley’s double scoop slam was awesome. I love that Dre called the Big Wiggle the Big Willie.

    I used to love when WCW wrestlers would talk to the camera during their enterance. My brother once doubled over
    in laughter when Booker T. talked for like 20 seconds and Steve Ray followed only with “That’s right suckaaaaaaaaaa!”

    I certainly loved the Violent JT slip up. When I first saw him, I thought Violent JT got his name from Violent J.

    I’m shocked to hear ICP was able to make amends with Mick Foley by giving him money.

    Yes! Dre somehow added yet another hilarious impression to his arsonal. The Verne Gagne one may go down in history with the Dusty one.

    I left a rating and comment on I-Tunes, where’s my sweet Nacho Barrera hug?

    Does anyone else think Schiovone had some pent up aggression toward Bischoff during that clip right before the closing theme?

    I can’t begin to tell you how awesome that Funk promo is at the end of the episode after the closing theme. Do yourself a favor and
    find the video because it’s the only thing that makes the audio even better. One of my favorite promos of all time.

    Here are my offerings for forgotten factions:

    -Filthy Animals (Kidman and Mexican wrestlers like Rey and Konnan)
    -Union (Shamrock, Mankind, Test, Big Show)
    -Sports Entertainment Xtreme (SEX). They were a TNA faction before they were on weekly free TV. This should surprise no one, I believe Russo headed up the group. This one actually isn’t old school enough and shouldn’t be on here. I just wanted an excuse to write “SEX” in capital letters.
    -Viscious & Delicious (Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton)
    -Supply & Demand (Val Venis and The Godfather)
    -Lo Down (Mosh and D-Lo Brown managed by Tiger Ali Singh, I may be premature in suggesting this is old school enough. They’re certainly forgotten and the team only lasted a few weeks.)
    -New Blackjacks (Bradshaw and Barry Windham). This gimmick got pushed back because they told Windham to dye his long hair black. He came to work the next week with short blonde hair. They asked him why he got a hair cut and why his hair wasn’t black. He said he didn’t think they were serious.

    • Black Cat says:

      I can imagine you getting upset with ICP insulting Japanese pro wrestling!

      Regarding VJT – some of these lines are in-jokes for just you, Jim. 😉

  5. RBBF says:

    I know Im late on the draw here, but here are some forgotten gems from the 90s (mid-late) from WCW-

    The Old Age Outlaws (Paul Orndorf, George the Animal Steele, and Jimmy Snuka make an appearance on Nitro to.. well, I forgot what they came to do, but the show ended with Snuka and Chris Benoit both leaping off the top of a cage onto Jeff Jarrett.

    The Fat Chick Thriller Mike Awesome.

    The Filthy Animals.

    The Wall.

    David Flair.


    PMS- Pretty Mean Sisters- Jackie and Terri Runnels.

    Meat- Shawn Stasiak.

    1999 Return of the British Bulldog. He came out in blue jeans, instead of his usual British flag tights. Also, he came out to some crappy heavy metal music too. He feuded with the Big Boss Man.

    • Dre says:

      I remember Davey’s return. The Rock dropped him in a pile of dog poop. Too bad the Rock couldn’t do teh same to Michael Vick.

  6. death valley 90210 says:

    there seems to be a problem with this podcast. i won’t play in the player and won’t download.