Episode #28 – Royal Rumble 2000

Dre and Black Cat survived Y2K to bring you this review of the Royal Rumble 2000, an excellent first PPV for the WWE to ring in the new millennium. It would be the first many, many years of awesome WWE PPVs. Right? Right? We also discuss the SMARK JAR, a VERY special thank you to artist Dean Stahl, and our hatred of Robert Holly.


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  1. Dean says:

    Wonderful show, guys! I remember this show fondly, despite the Mae Young exposition scene. Thank God that turned out to be prosthetics and just a terrible joke on the fans.

    This PPV was great, otherwise. Really enjoyable.

    I’m glad you guys like the logo. It was great to be able to give back to the show in my own way.

    Keep up the great work! I’m always going to listen!

    • Black Cat says:

      Oh thank goodness…I didn’t know those were prosthetics. Possibly the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen on wrestling. Worse than any death match I’ve ever seen.

      And don’t make promises you can’t keep! Once you go OSWP, you go OSWP for life~!

      • Dean says:

        Hey, you and Dre are to blame! You put out a great show and I listen! You make me keep coming back!

  2. Uncle Soda says:

    Thanks for another great piece of entertainment guys. The Y2K start was fantastic 🙂

    I really liked your discussion about the greatness and mainstream impact of The Rock. Living outside of the US I only know what I read about who makes an impact outside of the scene, and has always assumed Austin was on a completely different level. I hope you go through with the trilogy idea and do Rock-Austin soon.

    I must say I’ve never found your use of smarky terminology annoying by any means, but I guess he smark jar might be a good idea for listeners who don’t think re-reading 80’s observers is a great way to spend an afternoon.

    It was great to hear about the Cactus Jack/Triple H match. That soundclip you played brought the memories right back. What a fantastic angle!! (25 cents into the jar). Foley seems to get a lot of criticism these days and I was happy to hear about his last really great run. He was one of a kind (in spite of picking up inspiration from previous greats) and deserves all the praise he can get.

    Btw, I think SummerSlam’89 would be a great pick for a show. Some good wrestling, more Piper whackiness, Bizarro world Tony Shiavone going nuts, Anderson/Blanchard in the WWF, and of course Zeus.

    The latest intro clip is awesome with the new (well) music.

    Oh, and one last thing. Am I losing it, or did you have another page design for few days, with a grey background?!?

    • Black Cat says:

      I think I might change my opinion on the Rock/Austin discussion. We’ll see. I’m sorry you got to miss the whole Austin/Rock phenomenon in this country. You really have lived until you see a grown man walk down the street with a hat on that has a graphic of a skeleton flipping you off.

      Thanks for the feedback ont he smarky terminology. A healthy balance is probably the best way to go.

      SS 89 is great. I can think of lots of great stuff to talk about regarding that show.

      Regarding page design. Yes, I changed it, but the new design messed something up and I just changed back.

      • Dre says:

        I got two words for your Apple computer…..

        SUCK IT. Xxxxxxxx xxx (emodicon for crotch chops)

        • Black Cat says:

          You wouldn’t be nothin without this Apple computer~! Too sweeet€!!!!€|€|€~€~£

  3. Thank you for playing the audio of Tazz’s entrance. I remember beaming when that happened.

    When discussing illogical table matches, I thought you would say it doesn’t make sense when one guy moves a table out of the way so his partner doesn’t take a move through the table. The guy moving the table could be taking that time to break up the move.

    I too liked HHH at this time. He bumped and bled like crazy during this period!

    So I’ve got to expand on the Billy Gunn at an indy show story. This was during the short period on TNA TV where his gimmick was he treated Christie Hemme like dirt and I remember the crowd heeling Gunn for this. I asked him if he was going to wrestle as a heel or face because he was being portrayed as a heel on TV. After he so politely informed me he’d be wrestling as a face, I explained why I thought he might wrestle as a heel. His response to that was, “yeah, and the people like it.” I wanted to say “they do?” But I managed to move on to my next question. He wrestled that promotion’s babyface champion that night and the champ suffered a legit shoulder injury in the match and had to be counted out. Billy got on the mic and said “I don’t know the deal with that guy but he sucks!” So he buried the champion on the mic right before taking out the promotion’s top heel group by himself. What a night it was.

    I should mention though that the next time I had the pleasure of being on a show with Billy Gunn, he and RoadDogg drew pretty close to 300 and headlined what was probably the promotion’s biggest and best show.

    • Black Cat says:

      That Tazz intro is incredible. I forgot how crazy that was. Thanks for the update on the Billy Gunn story. He seems nuttier than your average pro wrestler.

  4. Rusty Brooks Biggest Fans says:

    FYI- Michael Cole was the play by play announcer on Royal Rumble 99.

  5. 50 Dollar Bill says:

    Another hilarious/awesome review.

    I second Uncle Soda on his request of Summerslam 89. I would like to make a personal request for a review of Wrestlemania 10, which included one of my favorite matches of all time. Razor vs. Shawn in the ladder match, and Owen Hart vs. Bret in the best Wrestlemania opener.