Episode #27 – Goldust vs Rowdy Piper – WrestleMania 12

This week we discuss a non-classic WrestleMania match featuring one GOLDUST and the ROT HOD Rowdy Piper, the origin of “FLAIR CHOP ILLUSTRATED,” and Black Cat’s trip to a Smackdown taping.


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  1. Uncle Soda says:

    Yes!! It’s great to have you back guys. I’m sure you’ve been busy with your Steamboat family Halloween gear.

    I haven’t seen the Piper-Goldust match, but since I am a fan of Guldust at least, I probably should have a look before listening. Never been able to make my mind up about Piper.

    Looking forward to hearing about the origin of your podcast too.

  2. Black Cat says:

    Thanks for sticking with us, Uncle Soda. My laptop (or shitty Apple, as Dre would say) had to be repaired, so I wasn’t able to get the show up when I was hoping to.

    This is really the origin of the name, perhaps we’ll discuss the origin of the podcast another time.

    And then there’s Dre and my dark past.

  3. Dre says:

    Yes, black cat’s apple computer is a piece of garbage. Apple computers are the equivalent of the Scott Steiner / Triple H feud, it looks good but works like poop.

    • Uncle Soda says:

      This is all very confusing to me. I had assumed you were kicking the podcast mike old school stylee on a Commodore 64. I think Ole Anderson will be furious if he ever learns the truth, so please be careful guys.

      I didn’t watch the match because I wanted to hear the podcast as soon as possible. After hearing it, I don’t think I will watch it. UNCENSORED!!

      Goldust is the man. I love to rewatch his skits with Booker T, and wish I could find the one where he is dressed as Darth Vader and says he is Big Show’s father. UNCENSORED!!

      The piece about being contacted by the Flair estate was gold. UNCENSORED!!

      I watched They Live with some non-wrestling fan friends, and didn’t mention that Piper was a wrestler. They liked the movie but one of them complained that Piper was a terrible actor. UNCENSORED!!

      I guess Piper can only be semi homophopic if he’s willing to apply the Von Erich claw on Minidust in front of a WrestleMania audience. UNCENSORED!!

      • Black Cat says:

        I will accept any challenge from Ole Anderson. Dude’s not nearly as tough as he looks.


    • Black Cat says:

      I cannot believe you compared my Apple computer to Scott Steiner. I AM SO ANGRY AT YOU, DRE.

  4. I agree with you guys that this wasn’t one of Piper’s shining Wrestlemania moments. His matches at Wrestlemania 3 against Adonis and 8 against Bret Hart vs. this and his match with Bad News at 6 really show that Pipes was very hit and miss at the big one.

    My favorite Piper era is his early 90’s run where he was in excellent shape and feuded with Bret, Flair and the Mountie and even held the Intercontinental Championship for a period. I’ll never forget Piper running to the ring, arms outstretched, during the Rumble ’92 match and Flair had a great “oh shit not this guy” face. Classic stuff.

    Piper had an issue with Adonis because Adonis not only started up the Flower Shop while Piper was injured and said it was superior to Piper’s Pit, but he also stole Bob Orton Jr. as his bodyguard.

    I still say Austin vs. Savio Vega at Wrestlemania 12 is a good match. It’s forgotten because it’s treated as a background for all the Piper/Goldust/White Ford Bronco highjinx. If they (read: Vince) would’ve acted at all like they cared about the match, fans would remember Austin vs. Savio as being good. Also Warrior destroying HHH in less than 2 minutes has historical meaning. I heard that Warrior joked that he might have been the one who unintentionally taught HHH how to screw someone over because of how that match turned out.

    Warrior: “What’s your finish, kid?”

    HHH: “It’s called The Pedigree. It starts like a butterfly suplex but then I drop to my knees, smashing your face into the mat.”

    Warrior: “Okay. I’m kickin’ out of it.”

    I remember Piper promos before the Backlot Brawl where Piper said he was going to make a man out of Goldust. I’m not sure how stripping Goldy down to his Frankenfurter duds and grabbing his test-ee-clays makes him a man, but who knows with Pipes.

    • Black Cat says:

      Hardcore –

      I dub you the official Rowdy Piper historian and all Piper questions will be forwarded to you. I think I have so disorder that makes me forget any Piper match I watch or read about. I do love Adrian Adonis. Future podcast topic right there.

  5. David Lo Pan says:

    Its me, its me, its DLP. Still the same ol G (just been low key).

    I think you guys made a solid decision going with the Flairchop domain name. Although if the Nature Boy estate issues you a cease and desist, I believe “Garvinstomp.com” is still available.

    As it relates to Pipers movie career- well, he’s no Jessie Ventura. But if you guys are looking for good times. Go out and get a 12 pack of beer to split and pick up “Hell Comes to Frogtown”starring the Hot Scot. Seriously-it makes Big Trouble in Little China look like Avatar. Chances are it will be in the $3.99 bin at your local Walgreens or CVS. Actually on second thought, you might want to make it an 18 pack.

    I don’t have a whole lot for you on the actual match here as this was, aside from the main event, a very forgettable Mania. I totally forgot about the whole OJ white bronco reinactment. I’m waiting for 8 months down the road when WWE does an angle where the guys from Nexus get trapped in a mine.

    • Black Cat says:

      DLP – Thanks for the movie tips, but I don’t drink – can I still make it through the movie?

      And Nexus in a mine? Brilliant.

  6. Dre says:

    (Thumbs up) LIKE – david lo pan

  7. Jumpin Jim farmer says:

    Hay gentle man, love your computer show. Was told you put me on your computer show and shit my pants. You guys recognizing my career means more than the whole state of Georgia to me. Would love it if you men would review one of my matches so my grand pups could hear it. I call the the farmer fanatics. They love it. I’ll keep listening, thank you friends

  8. Jumpin Jim farmer says:

    Hay y’all never herd back if u alls gonna do a best of jumping Jim farmer show. I’d do a interview with y’all if you want. I’d never done a computer show before. Let me here back.


    • Black Cat says:

      Jim – I will be in contact with your agent. I think we could be onto something big here. Perhaps the first Jumpin Jim shoot interview? Did you ever wrestle a bear? And by bear, I don’t mean the animal.

  9. Jumpin Jim farmer says:

    Gosh that sounds great. I don’t now what you mean by shoot interview but if involves guns, I’m in. The Farmer family loves guns. I don’t know what you mean by agent but, the only agent I know was maxwell smart. Let me know when I can be on you computer show

  10. David Lo Pan says:

    Hey old school peeps. Proobably not the the proper forum but this was one was too long for a tweet. I’m nerding out watching some old school rasslin and realized there are certain wrestlers as kids that I remember LOVING but if were introduced today I wouldn’t give two poops about (remote magnets as I like to call them). The flip side is wrestlers I didn’t care about as a kid that I would probably flip out for if they got introduced today. Here goes:

    Wrestlers whose legend bypasses their workrate: 1) Andre the Giant (hands down actually-rip) 2) Big Bossman (I used to love his shit and now sont know why -rip). 3)

    • Black Cat says:

      Andre is dead? WTF?

    • Black Cat says:

      but seriously.

      which big bossman? like late 80s cobb county? i think the only time i enjoyed him was as big bubba falling off a scaffold.

  11. David Lo Pan says:

    Hey what the hell? I wasn’t done. Where was I? Oh yeah:

    Hacksaw Jim duggan (nuff said)

    Wrestlers I would totally mark out for today: 1) The Orient Express (Great tag team) 2) Haku (kind of a bad ass) and 3) Irwin R Shyster (that’s right I said it. Just edging out Jumpin Jim Farmer)

    Anyway, that’s my rant

    • Black Cat says:

      did you love hacksaw enough to buy the foam 2×4?

      IRS was cool circa Varsity Club days. I think I see a pattern developing.

      • David Lo Pan says:

        The Doctor of Style Slick gets my manager award that I would mark the **** out for today. Seriously, youtube a Slick/Akeem the African Dream promo sometime. How did I not find him all that entertaining as a kid?! I’m baffled. God I miss real managers.

        • Black Cat says:

          Cookie or Snookie or whatever from TNA is about as close to a manager as we get these days. I was sad when the Don West managerial run ended after about three weeks.

  12. Dre says:

    Jim Duggan was the Shit. PERIOD. I will accept no other arguments. He knew how to get the crowd fired up. Can you name anyone else that got so far over with as little effort as a thumbs up and a Hooooooooooooo!

    One of my favorite memories as a kid was because of Duggan. My dad use to take me to house shows. After the shows, on the walk to the parking garage, one randon person would yell “Hooo” and you would hear about a hundred people within ear shot all screaming back a return “Hooooooooooo”. This happened after every house show I went to from 1987-1990. You can’t manufacture that kind of charisma.

  13. Uncle Soda says:

    My first PPV was WrestleMania IV, and it’s funny how things were different being a new fan. I was completely sure Duggan would kill Ted DiBiase in the opening match with his flying clothesline. I thought it was so lame when he changed it to a running clothesline a year or two later.

    I’m always busy defending WM4 since I have a big nostalgic soft spot for that show. I taped it and watched it again and again. I always regretted missing the “37th annual slammy awards” that was advertised by SKY at the time. I thought it was very impressive, and wondered who had been at the previous 36 slammies 🙂