The Old School Wrestling Podcast #2 – Survivor Series 1987, Andre / Hogan feud, women’s wrestling over the years, calling the NWA hotline, etc

In the second episode of the Old School Wrestling Podcast, Dre and Owen review the second WWF PPV Survivor Series 1987, Dre discusses his bipartisan love for both the WWF and NWA, Owen recalls a vivid memory involving the NWA hotline and compares Gorilla Monsoon to Keith Olbermann.

This episode has been archived in the Season 1 digital box set available for $9.99 at the OSWP Merch Store!


  1. Eric Darsie says:

    I’m watching this very event tonight! I gotta relisten to this podcast at work this coming week to get Dre and Black Cat’s wisdom again!


    • Black Cat says:

      That’s some old school old school wrestling podcast!

      • Eric Darsie says:

        While watching this PPV event, I wrote a recap of it for a different site and added the link to this site (to this very podcast), so if the site crashes, I’m sorry. Wanted to plug you guys as much as possible.


  2. NoGimmicksNeeded says:

    My first 50 episodes box set came promptly last week, thanks guys! I’ll be kicking it old school Old School for a good while catching up on these classic epidodes. I listened to this one last night and the question came up, who would be in a Survivor Series style 20 man tag match for Crockett? How about…

    The Midnight Express
    Tully & Arn
    The Varsity Club
    The Freebirds
    Powers of Pain


    The Road Warriors
    The Steiners
    Rock n’ Roll Express
    And THE MULKEYS!!!! (Hey, the Conquistadors damn near won it in ’88 so who knows.

    Over a 5 year span, NWA had all those teams plus the Russians, the Sheepherds, Doom, Samoan Swat Team, the Skyscrapers, Dynamic Dudes and many more. Not to mention all the tag greatness going on in the WWF tag division. The 80’s were truly the glory days of tag-teams wrestling.