Episode #26 – El Gigante vs Sid Vicious TRIBUTE!

This week we visit the worst damn match you might ever see – El Gigante vs Sid Vicious from SUPERBRAWL 91! It really is something you could never imagine even on the worst of drugs. Thanks to DEAN STAHL from headlocksandheadaches.com for designing our fancy new podcast artwork and to Sweet Jimmy Hardcore D Badass for that bad ass new intro.

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  1. I love the gutwrench suplex logo!

    I also love it anytime a wrestler’s promo goes wrong and he does the face wipe as a way to hide his frustration.

    The line about all non-WWE and non-TNA wrestlers always saying they’ve got something on the horizon rang true with me because every time I talk to Zach Gowen I always ask him if we’ll see him in the ring soon and he always confidently replies yes.

    I didn’t hear why WCW was lucky that Sid even did the match. I assume it was because he was on his way to WWF to do the Sid Justice run. I would only think WCW tried to make him look weak on his way out but Vince told Sid to save face since he had plans for Sid to be his next Hogan level guy.

  2. Rich Thomas says:

    Somewhere in the back of my head I remember PN News and El Gigante cutting a promo together.