#312 – OSWP Summer Vacation 2022 – Baltimore, MA – Lex Luger v The Maryland State Athletic Commission, Great American Bash 1988

We are BACK for the next stop on our summer vacation as we roll into Baltimore, Maryland for the GREAT AMERICAN BASH 1988. We take a close look at Lex Luger’s biggest match in his young career as he takes on the old men in the Maryland State Athletic Commission and briefly discuss the rest of this great card. In the second half we also have a great discussion about the BEST WRESTLING TAPES TO RENT back in the day.

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One Comment

  1. The Small Package says:

    This discussion hit a lot of sweet spots for me this week.

    In regards to tape renting, my local video store (West Coast Video, odd since I live in Philly) didn’t have a huge wrestling selection, mostly Wrestlemanias. But there were two NWA tapes I watched repeatedly, Starrcade 86 and the Holy Grail of VHS tapes, that’s right, The Danger Zone. It was good, not great.

    Great American Bash 88 was the first tape I ever bought new, for the low low price of $75 I believe. I just had to know how the hell Luger lost.

    And lastly, on the subject of ordering pay-per-views, I also did not have the ability at my parents house to order in the late 80s. But in the summer of 91 a buddy of mine moved into an apartment with his girlfriend in an area with a cable company that offered it. I went to his place excited to FINALLY see Lex Luger win the title at Bash 91. We sat down to order the show and got an error when he called the number. It turns out his girlfriend forgot to pay the cable bill that month so they shut him off. We jumped in his car and went to the local office to pay the bill but since it was a Sunday evening, they were already closed. Kids today have no clue how lucky they are.