#303 – “The Narcissist” Lex Luger

The Old School Wrestling Podcast takes a look at the incredible six month run from January to July 1993 featuring “The Narcissist” Lex Luger and review his last television matched as the evil man with the metal plate in his arm before he would board the helicopter that would take him to the USS Intrepid to bodyslam the Yokozuna and save the United States of America from Japan. In the second half, they look at an article from a 1969 issue of INSIDE WRESTLING called “I WAKE UP SCREAMING,” a story about Don Savage and the nightmares he experiences after facing SKULL MURPHY in a professional wrestling match.

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  1. The Small Package says:

    I always have mixed emotions when I see you are doing a Lex Luger episode. On the one hand I’m excited to listen to an episode devoted to my favorite wrestler. But on the other hand, you guys usually crap all over him so I approach the episode with dread as well. (I can sympathize with how that listener who loved Demolition always felt back in the day). But I have to say you guys were kinder than I expected with the Narcissist gimmick. By the way, as I’m sure you know by now, Narcissus was a figure from Greek mythology. He was so beautiful that he fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water. The word Narcissus is the root of the term narcissist. And while Vince McMahon is guilty of coming up with many silly names, Narcissus is not one of them. But like the song says…sometimes we’re right, sometimes we’re wrong.

  2. hugues says:

    I’m sure you’d rather get feedback on the wrestling stuff but I have to chime in on the gum thing. For people our age having gum in school was an automatic detention. The appeal was feeling like you were getting away with something. Today our kids can have any kind of food & drink in class and nobody stops them. Maybe the schools are too scared of the parents now. They’re getting Grubhub deliveries at my kids schools and having it in class – I’m not joking even a little. The allure of sneaking a stick of gum in class is long gone.

    Oh and yeah, they gave up on the narcissist gimmick way too fast. I can picture a feud where Mankind throws acid in his face and he wrestles under a mask for a year. Then one day he doesn’t have the mask and no one ever talks about it again. There’s no one that could have done that gimmick better and the Mr USA or whatever role didn’t fit Lex at all. Lex Luger totally comes off as someone in it for himself. He could have rode the narcissist character to the end of his career.