#302 – The York Foundation

This week on the OSWP, Dre and the Black Cat take some time to talk about the fascinating group of characters from early 90s World Championship Wrestling that formed the group called “The York Foundation.” Originally centered around Alexandra York, Michael Wallstreet, this stable of wrestlers looked to skyrocket to the top of WCW with an infallible computer program that would tell them how to defeat everyone in their way. Unfortunately, there would be a few bugs in the program and they would only end up the WCW Six-Man Tag Team champions. They also do a Quick 123 discussing the greatest factions of all time (outside of the obvious). Please support the OSWP by joining the OSWP Patreon! Thanks for listening and we’ll see you…at the matches!


One Comment

  1. The Small Package says:

    I remember I went to a WCW show in the summer of ’91 at the Philadelphia Civic Center with my buddy and we waited by the security railing to see if we could get any wrestler autographs after the show. Out comes “Richard” Morton and my friend and I start yelling all kinds of insults at him because we were huge Rock N Roll Express fans and were pissed that he was a heel now. He just stood by the curtain chatting with a security guard and pointing and laughing at these two dumb ass kids challenging a grown man to a fight. Needless to say, we did not get his autograph.

    One last thing, I was thinking about wrestlers who could have joined The York Foundation and their fancy names. There’s one wrestler I’m glad never did.
    Can you imagine…
    “From Minnesota, weighing 2 hundred and 48 pounds, he is the World Television Champion, representing the York Foundation, Arnold Anderson.”