#299 – OSWP Thanksgiving 2021 – Survivor Series 1989

It’s the special time of year for the Old School Wrestling Podcast when we all gather together to give thanks to all things professional wrestling. This year we’re back in Greensboro, North Carolina with David Crockett and his five new additions to his house that he’s over since March of 2020.

Along with enjoying the company of all of our favorite old wrestlers, we are, as always, joined by the listeners of the OSWP and all of their wrestling themed food dishes for the big Thanksgiving meal.

And of course, we talk about wrestling, and this year we review one of the greatest 80s era WWF pay-per-views, Survivor Series 1989. Join us around the table for another OSWP Thanksgiving!

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  1. the burning zone says:

    next year you should have people make their dishes and send you pictures of them photoshop them onto a virtual table

  2. the burning zone says:

    Old School Podcast Survivor Series match
    Here are the rules Dre and the Black Cat Select draft wrestlers for the oswp Survivor Series match
    only Wrestlers that you have Bumpers(show introductions )can be drafted
    Five picks for each team
    imagine they are in their prime