#298 – Ricky Steamboat v Jake Roberts, Saturday Night’s Main Event, October 4th, 1986

Dre and the Black Cat take a look at a classic WWF feud between Ricky Steamboat and Jake Roberts that extended for five months during 1986, starting at the Saturday Night’s Main Event in May when Jake splattered Ricky’s head on the concrete like a watermelon, going through the summer, and culminating at the next Saturday Night’s Main Event in October. Also featured is the return of the FIVE MINUTE PITCH. Please help support the Old School Wrestling Podcast by signing up for the OSWP Patreon at patreon.com/oswp or buying some merch (old episodes, books, etc) at gumroad.com/oswp. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you…at the matches.


  1. the burning zone says:

    I am the commissioner of both the Old School League and the Intense Impact league I have been playing for many years
    I one wrestler in each league silver panda in the IIL and Silver Falcon in the OSL

  2. John Sirianni says:

    Just so happy you guys covered this it’s incredible