RSVP now for the 11th Annual OSWP Thanksgiving Dinner at David Crockett’s House!

RSVP now for the 11th Annual OSWP Thanksgiving Dinner at David Crockett’s House!

It’s hard to believe but it’s that time of year when we start to plan for the annual feast at David Crockett’s house for Thanksgiving when we all get together with our favorite Mid-Atlantic legends like Boogie Woogie Man, Dusty Rhodes, Shasta Whatley, and most importantly, David Crockett. It’s our 11th year! Will you be joining us? Again, David Crockett, if you’re reading this, it’s not real, and we’re not actually coming to your house.

Please RSVP below in the comments and let us know what WRESTLING THEMED FOOD DISH you’ll be bringing to dinner!

Over the years we’ve (kayfabe) gathered and enjoyed the company of everyone as well as enjoyed a variety of WRESTLING THEMED THANKSGIVING DISHES from listeners of the show like the following from past years –

  • Beautiful Bobby’s “Ribs that are made for Eaton”
  • Boston Crab and a Montreal Crab! Why both? Just in case if people are bitter
    towards John Cena and want to support the Mountie, they can have a
    slice of the Montreal Crab.
  • Wild eyed southern boys gravy and Kevin Sullivan deviled eggs
  • Jimmy Valiant’s Rockin’ Nutmeg Raisin Bread AND His Boogie Woogie Stew
  • Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer’s Squash and Asparagus Vichyssoise
  • Miracle Whip Violence Connection 7-Layer Salad, some sushi kabobs
    on an Asiatic Spike, and some Oklahoma Slamwiches
  • Terry Taylor with a TV Title dinner
  • Fantastics Fruit Cup
  • Grilled Seitan, Prince of Darkness Potato Puffs, Cosmic Cookies with artisanal betelnut fresh from the tree of woe based high upon the 13th step
  • Varsity Club Sandwiches
  • Jim Cornette on the Cob
  • 2 Cold Green Bean Salad


  1. Enzo Iguri says:

    Ivan Koloff, honoring his Russian & French Canadian background, is bringing his favourite dish: Vladimir Poutine.

    Ivan’s +1, Dick Murdoch, is bringing Terry Taylor Turkey Thighs, braised in a Tommy Rich and Thick Tomato Sauce, served on a bed of creamy John Tenta Polenta.

  2. The burning zone says:

    Rick rude ravaging rice

  3. Colby says:

    Posted theses on Twitter:
    Action Mike Jackson Jerk Chicken
    Mulkey Brothers Milk Shakes

  4. Hugues says:

    I can’t make it through Thanksgiving without some serious help. So I’m bringing a few drinks:

    The Montreal Screwjob: 1 shot of Citron, 1 shot of Triple Sec, a little orange juice, fill with ginger ale

    The Airplane Spin: 1 shot of gin, 1/2 shot of blackberry liqueur, 1/2 shot of cherry liqueur

    The Crimson Mask: dark rum and raspberry Mountain Dew

    The Blue Meanie: 1.5 shots of gin, 1/2 shot of Blue Curaco, tonic water

    The Triple Cage: bottom later Kahula, middle layer Irish Creme, top layer Grand Marnier

    The Botched Piledriver: Repeated shots of Malort, for when anyone starts talking about politics

  5. Jeff says:

    Shane-O’s Mac n Cheese
    Vince’s 2005 Shredded Thighs
    Kevin Nash’s Too Sweet Potatoes

  6. Lazertron says:

    Iceman King Parsnips
    Missing Links of Sausage

  7. Hambone says:

    Bringing a Turnbuckle Turkey for George Steele

  8. The Small Package says:

    I will not be bringing anything to dinner this year but in honor of our service men and women over seas, I will be donating a special care package… a Lex Luger “Total Package”. This includes Vince McMahonwiches, Under tators, Hulk Hoagies, and Sasha Franks, For refreshments, there’s Triple H2O, Superman Punch, and Booker Tea.