#297 – Atsushi Onita vs. Mr. Pogo, Exploding Cage Death Match, FMW, August 22, 1993

This Halloween, Dre and the Black Cat are visited by the Crypt-Keeper who leaves them with two wonderful gifts – a FMW tape with a match between Atsushi Onita and Mr. Pogo and time bomb that will explode at the end of the show. Will they survive? Probably not! Please help support the Old School Wrestling Podcast by signing up for the OSWP Patreon at patreon.com/oswp or buying some digital merch (old episodes, books, etc) at gumroad.com/oswp. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you…at the matches (if we survive).

One Comment

  1. Nine Iron Sheik says:

    Honestly I was hoping you guys were going to go ahead and sacrifice the show so the fans could get a final classic 3 hour episode. But shout out to Tits McGee for saving you guys. This will save me from having to go get Eddie Graham’s boat and save you guys from sacrificing yourselves.