#293 – OSWP Summer Tour 2021, Night 5, Rick Martel v Jimmy Garvin, Las Vegas, NV

WE’RE BACK. The OSWP Summer Tour stops by Las Vegas for some AWA action at the Showboat Arena for a title match between Rick Martel and Jimmy Garvin and a whole lot of shenanigans. Please support the OSWP by visiting flairchop.com or gumroad.com/oswp and BUY SOME MERCH. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you…at the matches.

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  1. Nine Iron Sheik says:

    Those stickers are tip top. Especially the Dusty Rhodes golf one. But I’m sure Dre hates that one cus he hates everything golf. And he will probably hate this comment cus it mentions golf. But that’s okay. Keep making those stickers Black Cat.