#278 – OSWP Thanksgiving 2020 – Survivor Series 1992

It’s a strange time in history, but nothing would stop us from bringing you the OSWP Thanksgiving spectacular. This Thanksgiving we come to you live from three locations – the OSWP studio in Chicago, David Crockett’s house in Greensboro, and Gorilla Monsoon’s studio apartment in New York City. We enjoy each other’s company, play some games, eat some classic dishes from the OSWP cookbook, and review Survivor Series 1992. Join us around the table for another OSWP Thanksgiving! If you enjoy the show, please help support the show by visiting flairchop.com and click on the Patreon or merch links. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you…and the matches.

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  1. The burning zone says:

    Ulimate warrior and Randy savage did team up on Saturday night main event against Money Inc