#269 – OSWP Summer Tour 2020, NIGHT 3 – Hawaii & Los Angeles

For the third night of our summer tour we head west to Hawaii and Los Angeles for a couple of great matches. First we look at an 8-man tag team match with The Sheik, Mark Lewin, Prince Kamalamala and Kevin Sullivan taking on Bruiser Brody, Superfly Tui, Lars Anderson and Grizzly Boone and then we go back to 1962 for a match between Rikidozan and Freddie Blassie that was just incredible! Thanks for joining us on the tour! Please support the OSWP by signing up for our Patreon at patreon.com/oswp or by purchasing something at our merch store at gumroad.com/oswp. We’ll see you…at the matches.


One Comment

  1. Hugues says:

    Really enjoyed hearing about these matches that I would never have sought out on my own.

    The Kevin Sullivan promo that always sticks with me was from a WCW Saturday episode. It started with something about roaming the desert and finding a wolf. Then they muted the audio for about a minute. It cut back in with him saying (roughly) “and then I crawled out of the fetal position” then another minute of muted audio. I guess someone at TBS thought it was too much, or maybe it was done intentionally to sound more evil or whatever. I haven’t been able to find the episode on the WWE Network yet (not looking too hard though).

    Also, you really need an intro where a wrestler calls Dre “Dr. E”.