#267 – OSWP Summer Tour 2020, NIGHT 1 – Dallas & Montreal

It’s a DOUBLE-SIZED episode of the OSWP with two reviews! On the new OSWP, we start our summer tour visiting different towns across the world to watch some of the best old territory wrestling matches in history. In the first half we review a 1990 USWA match from Dallas, TX between Kerry Von Erich and Matt Borne and in the second half we traveler to Montreal to see an amazing tag match from 1985 between the Garvin’s and the Rougeau Brothers! Please support the show by visiting the OSWP patreon at patreon.com/oswp! Thanks for listening and we’ll see you…at the matches.



  1. hugues says:

    Ron Garvin has always been one of my least favorite wrestlers, mostly from being a huge Flair fan in the 80s. After this episode I checked-out the revenge match and I’ve maybe done a 180 on him. That match was the best I’ve watched in while, 5 stars easily. Their final “loser leaves town” match was great too until the Dusty Finish.

    Also – Montreal.. awesome city, 100% worth visiting.

  2. JRC says:

    Dear Dre & Black Cat,

    I am SO HERE for your Summer tour.
    I have fond memories of road trips with my college friends to catch concerts all over the ‘Rust Belt’, and even across the Northern border. On one trip to see the Rolling Stones in Toronto on their “Voodoo Lounge” tour (with Stone Temple Pilots opening), my friends and I did as you two plotted and slept in our car in a parking garage to save money, even trying to grill food on the lot’s roof when we finally stopped for the night. It wasn’t comfortable, or good cooking, but the memories are great.

    I’ve got a suggestion for the name of your virtual adventure. I think you should call it the NO ROADS BARRED TOUR!

    Since you’ll be coming back down from Quebec, I hope you pass through my old hometown of Buffalo NY. I’d love to hear your commentary on a classic wrestling match featuring Buffalo’s own Ilio DiPaolo from the 1960s (there’s a handful on youtube, including one where he tags with Bruno Sammartino). PLUS! You’d get to stop at Ilio DiPaolo restaurant (https://iliodipaolos.com) where you’ll enjoy some of the best pizza in town.

    I never saw local wrestling growing up in Buffalo, but I know it has a pretty good history with the sport, up through the 80s at least. Being a border town, they got a lot of big stars because Buffalo was a convenient place to go from the USA to Canada and vice versa.

    “Drive” safe, and thanks for reading.

    PS: Dre, I’m sending you guys some ‘bootleg merch’ via email.

  3. Drew Money says:

    This OSWP tour promises to be the best event since your podcast hopped aboard the Lex Express for the “Summer of Luger.” If you are passing through Toronto on the way back from Montreal come and pick my ass up!

    International Wrestling was a gem of a promotion. It aired at 3PM on Saturdays in my neck of the woods as the last show of a four hour wrestling block, beginning with Wrestling Chllenge at noon, followed by Maple Leaf Wrestling at 1 and Al Tomko’s Vancouver Territory (All-Star Wrestling) at 2.

    I missed the particular feud you spoke of, but International Wrestling allowed me to become acquainted with many classic stars of the era: The Road Warriors, Dino Bravo, Rick Martel and King Tonga (Haku/Meng) were some of my favourites. Abdullah the Butcher and Bruiser Brody brought their long-running feud to this territory, and Brody was even given a kayfabe brother, the straight-jacket wearing “Buster” Brody. Eddie Creachman and his son, Floyd were the resident heel managers of area and usually managed to insert themselves into everything. And yes, the entire Rougeau family was a big presence, as well. The wrestling was grittier and bloodier than the more sanitized shows that preceded it and I f@#king loved it.

  4. The Small Package says:

    I don’t know if this was suggested yet, but my vote is for the OSWP Summer Blockbuster Tour. When you guys come to Philly on the ECW leg of the tour, make sure to swing by the western suburbs and pick me up. Of course, I’ll supply the authentic Philly cheesesteaks, and some steel chairs and trash can lids in case you didn’t bring your own.