#265 – Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling TV, June 22, 1985

This week on the show we discuss an amazing episode of MACW from 1985 that includes Dusty Rhodes, fireballs, and street ladies. Help support the show by visiting out Patreon at patreon.com/oswp! Thanks for listening and we’ll see you…at the matches!


  1. hugues says:

    This sounded like a great show, I’m going to binge Mid-Atlantic all weekend now.

    Oh, and I must be a couple years older than you because 8th grade dances were all hair metal ballads as I recall. Hearing “Every Rose has its Thorn” still makes me feel awkward.

  2. Oliver B. says:

    Okay, so this whole Ronnie Garvin / Miss Atlanta Lively thing was completely new to me. I had no idea about any of it, and in listening to the show and doing some internet sleuthing, I still can’t wrap my head around it.

    Long live pro wrestling and its eternal weirdness.

  3. Nine Iron Sheik says:

    If you guys did a quick 1-2-3 on pro wrestlers whose name would be a great GI Joe name who are you taking?

    I’d go
    1 Taz
    2 Sting
    3 Drifter

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