FREE PREVIEW – OSWP Special Missions March 2020 – The Old School NIGHT COURT Podcast

We decided to give some extra content to EVERYONE this month and release the month Patreon show to the world to hopefully make someone’s day a little better. This month on the OSWP Special Missions we talk about one of Dre’s favorite TV shows of yesteryear and the show Black Cat wasn’t allowed to watch – NIGHT COURT! Thanks for your support! 


  1. Nine Iron Sheik says:

    This episode is as good as the FUW match I saw that featured Dre and Mad Dawg.

  2. Joe From Big Bean says:

    Night Court has a connection to Star Trek. John Larroqutte played a Klingon in Star Trek 3 with Christopher Llyod who played a Klingon in Star Trek 3 who was in a 1993 movie called Camp Nowhere with Katie Mulgrew who was with in a Star Trek Voyger epiosde with Jonathan Frakes who was of course with Brent Spiner in Star Trek TNG who also had Teri Hatcher who play Dan Fielding boss niece in Night Court.

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