#260 – WCW Monday Nitro, July 8, 1996

This week on this show, Dre and the Black Cat talk about the night after everything changed in the world of professional wrestling, the night HULK HOGAN turned his back on WCW. Please support the OSWP by buying a digital box set at gumroad.com/oswp or by signing up for the OSWP Patreon at patreon.com/oswp. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you…at the matches.



  1. The burning zone says:

    You already did that liz Hunter article

    • JRC says:


      Well, I’m glad ya got some entertainment out of it anyway.

      I’m sending something to Dre as a form of apology.

  2. hugues says:

    Keeping Bobby Heenan as the “anti Hulk Hogan” announcer vs the generic “bad guy” announcer was a brilliant decision. I have to assume it was his idea. Every potential pro wrestling announcer should have to listen to a minimum of 2000 hours of Bobby Heenan commentary before they appear on-air.

  3. Midwest Meltzer says:

    When I saw this topic I was excited. The OSWP boys always bring it to shows from 1995-2001. And this was yet another podcast clinic put on by the boys.
    I was puzzled when the Nasty boyz did the intro. I figured we were due for the lackluster intro from Kevin Nash. But the nasty boys fit as they were on this show.
    Dre was recently in Mexico and black cat recently went to Iowa. Black cat went to Seth Rollins’ coffee shop and allegedly saw some students of seth’s school. I reached out to some of the students to see if they recognized anybody in the shop recently. One student did say “I think legendary podcaster black cat was there but I am not sure if it was him.” The student was so elated when I said Black Cat had headed over there.
    Anyway, onto the show. Dre tells us his favorite thing to do is to paint the picture of a wrestling crowd. I was utterly baffled by this. From all my years of listening to this show I thought Dre’s favorite thing to do was complain about wrestling. Anyhow I will give Dre credit you could just hear how excited he was talking about this era of wrestling. Again I absolutely love listening to the guys talk about this era. I received plenty of messages from fans saying that they also loved how into this era the OSWP boys are.
    This was an interesting show as we got the fallout from Hogan turning on WCW, lucha matches, and some Steiner brothers. The boys did get off track a couple times but nothing major compared to many other episodes. The boys looked into what the top tv shows were in 1996 which is fitting. However, they got off track on restaurants that would be on nasty boulevard. The boys buried both Long John Silvers and Hardee’s. I was astounded at this. I really cannot believe the boys took the low road with these fine establishments. The boys then were talking about going to Panera for lunch. Oh boy gotta love the boys showing their elite podcaster status while burying the common guy.

    All in all, this episode really had a lot of the good stuff OSWP fans want with a touch of the not so good stuff. I am standing strong with a 4.5* rating.