#257 – OSWP Holiday Party 2019 – The Hard Times Blues Christmas Tour

It’s that time of year again and all of the OSWP employees have gathered (attendance required) at the office to celebrate another great year together. Dre and Black Cat have given each other the gift of a Vince Russo White Elephant match to review (no spoilers!) and Dusty makes his way to the office for the party and everyone waits in anticipation for another appearance by the Macho Claus.

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  1. hugues says:

    Mark Madden was the absolute worst thing about WCW during his run. Whenever I briefly switched over from Raw I had to mute the TV. I thought he came across as a bad Mancow impersonator. On a related note – I ran into Mancow once, our kids were on opposing lacrosse teams. His car was covered in Mancow bumper stickers and he parked in a handicap spot. I bet Mark Madden parks in handicap spots too.

    The Nitro recap/reboot episode aired roughly 3 months after their “millennium” recap special so I guess they already had the footage handy.

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