#255 – OSWP Thanksgiving 2019 – Survivor Series 1993

We are back for the annual OSWP Thanksgiving tradition. This year we are traveling to Gorilla Monsoon’s penthouse in Atlantic City where we are joined by all of our friends for our review of the 1993 Survivor Series. Please support the show at Patreon.com/OSWP. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you….at the matches.



  1. Charlie Brown From Out Of Town says:

    I saw that ‘92 Pearl Jam concert in DC. They sold the tickets for the DC show via a lottery in which you had to send in a postcard to have a chance for two tickets. When they called and asked for me, I said “he isn’t home” but then they said it was for Pearl Jam tickets and I realized I had struck gold. The venue in DC was only like 2-3k seats (Ticketmaster thing), my tickets ended up being second row center. I’ll never forget how amped up the crowd was before they came out. Generation X was in full effect and ready to be angry and go at it hard. You got the feeling the roof was going to come off when they came out. As we were primed ready to lose our minds, the house lights went down and a single spotlight from the front of the stage projected the band’s silhouettes on the back wall. I was so close to the stage, I could see that the band was really calm as all the angry kids yelled at the top of their lungs. Then we all found out why, inside of coming out and just blasting any of their hard, fast, angry songs, they started the show with their slowest, most poignant tune, “Release Me”. It was glorious and so were we.

    “I’ll ride the wave Where it takes me, I’ll hold the pain, Release me”

  2. Nicky Mustard says:

    Mike Rotundo was awesome but I.R.S was a really stupid gimic. No kid gives a shit about taxes. Taxes are so far out of a kid’s universe that they probably don’t even know what they are. Stepping in dog shit is more of a threat than taxes when you are 9.

  3. kaktus316 says:

    This is the show that pushed me over the edge to stop watch wrestling. Too many silly gimmicks at the time and the four fake Doinks killed what little fandom I had left. I came back to wrestling a few years later, but 1993 WWF and WCW was awful. Bless you guys for sitting through this.