#253 – Wrestling Clowns and Hockey Masks – A Very OSWP Halloween

This week on the new OSWP we celebrate Halloween by reviewing two SPOOKY matches – the first is a match between DOINK and Marty Jannetty and then we travel to Mid-South to talk about a match between Dick Murdoch and LORD HUMONGOUS. In the second half we are visited by the AMERICAN DREAM who shares his thoughts on some of his favorite scary movies of all time. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you…at the matches.


One Comment

  1. Nine Iron Sheik says:

    No way Jimmy D accepts that apology. I was talking to him about it and man it’s been a long time since I have heard Jimmy be that angry. And in fact the last time I saw him so angry it involved demolition. At a family get together my dad told me to go tell Jimmy that “demolition sucks”. So naturally I went I said it to Jimmy. Jimmy looked up and just started throwing hands. He completely overwhelmed me. He broke my nose and busted me wide open. Eventually he German suplexed me through a table. Then to add insult to injury all the other family members started chanting “you deserve it!”

    Here is hoping Hardcore Badass does accept your apology!