#252 – Fall Brawl War Games – The Nasty Rhodes v The Stud Stable

This week on the show we visit a rare time for us – 1994 – as we review the main event of Fall Brawl 94 – The War Games between Dustin, Dusty and the Nasty Boys v Col. Parker’s Stud Stable. Please support the show at Patreon.com/OSWP! Thanks for listening and we’ll see you…at the matches.


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  1. Drew Money says:

    With you talking about Dusty Rhodes’ portrayal of a bar, I was reminded of the a certain scene in the movie “The Wrestler.” No, not the one with Mickey Rourke, but the 1974 film classic.

    Dusty and Dick Murdoch find themselves up to some crazy hijinks in a drinking establishment on the road despite doing their best to avoid trouble. The award-worthy acting is second to none, but the cherry on top is the soundtrack. It’s brilliant, especially because the scene doesn’t seem to really even belong in the movie with regards to it’s relationship with the overall plot. This 5 or 6 minute scene can be found on youtube and so the full movie. It can be painfully slow at times but it is well-worth taking the time to watch if you are an obsessive school fan.

    Another favourite highlight from this unheralded gem is watching Verne Gagne play tennis with Ed Asner in another scene. Miss this at your own peril.

    Also, you refer to the Dukes of Hazzard’s Boss Hogg, but I always thought of Col. Rob Parker’s closest point of reference as Foghorn Leghorn in terms of speech and mannerisms.

    Anyway, a belated congratulations on 10 years to you fine gents. I’ve been listening since around episode 25 or 30, I think. You have faithfully accompanied me on many errands, drives and gym workouts since that time, and I am grateful. Even though you know jackshit about me, from my vantage point, it feels like you two are old friends.

    The Wrestler (Bar Scene):

    The Wrestler (Full 1974 Movie):