#250 – THE MEGA POWERS EXPLODE! The Main Event, February 3, 1989

On the 250th episode of the Old School Wrestling Podcast, we begin our two part discussion about the ending of the dear friendship between the Macho Man and the Hulkster all over a simple misunderstanding that probably could’ve all been avoided. The second part will be next episode on the 10th anniversary of the OSWP when we discuss WRESTLEMANIA 5 on October 2! Please support the OSWP at Patreon.com or buy a digital box set at gumroad.com/oswp. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you….at the matches!


  1. Paul E Cautiously says:

    Congratulations on 10 years! I loved the Raw is Jericho episode – it happened in the 2nd era of my wrestling fandom and I can still remember him coming out and going at the Rock.
    I’m looking forward to these 2 eps because they happened during the 1st era of my wrestling fandom (WM3-WM9) and is a tentpole of my childhood memories

  2. the burning zone says:

    To get the complete story you should listen to episode 39 Wrestlemania iv 103 summer slam 103 and royal rumble 114

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