#246 – Sgt. Slaughter v Hulk Hogan, June 3, 1991, Desert Storm Match

This week on the show, Dre and the Black Cat celebrate summer with a review of this amazing match between the Sarge and Hulk Hogan from Madison Square Garden. We are joined by Robert from the Atomic Elbow in the second half to discuss his new issue of the zine and Diamond Dave stops by the studio to discuss all things happening in wrestling. Thanks for listen and we’ll see you…at the matches! Please support the OSWP by visiting Patreon.com/oswp and pledging to the OSWP!

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  1. Joe from Big Bean says:

    My 1,2,3 of throwing items in wrestlers faces.

    Rain gutter: I only seen this once during a Tommy Dreamer-Vimpire Warrior (WWF’s Gangrel) match from June of 1995.

    A road sign: It was a rule in the 90’s you must have a road sign in your hardcore match.

    Anything that was a Dustyism i.e. “He got a bicycle”, “He hit him with a commode lid”, “He hit’em with a rubber shark”

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