#245 – Jack Brisco v Roddy Piper, July 7, 1982

This week on the podcast Dre and the Black Cat discuss an amazing showdown between Jack Brisco and Roddy Piper for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship! They are also visited in the studio by Stone Cold Steve Austin!



  1. Joe from big Bean says:

    In 2019 curtain off section of the arena to have a stage and video wall is dumb and looks like you’re trying too hard. If you look at ROH, TNA, and I notice this recently with the new World of Sport Wrestling. It all looks like they are just copying WWE. When I watch those non WWE wrestling shows it is like am watching a current popular t.v. show that was shot in a different country, but with the same set and scripts that is from America. It is the classic saying KISS (keep it sample stupid). Bruiser fucking Brody didn’t need stage and video wall get me to like him.

  2. Jermz says:

    You guys gotta review the MidSouth Wrestlefest 1985 6 man tag match…it’s on the Hidden Gems section of WWE Network now. Kamala, Akbar & Muhammad vs Watts, Duggan & Murdoch.

  3. teddyhartsamazingcat says:

    Isn’t that the one where the faces drive into the Stadium on a gigantic Monster truck? There were some cool matches on that card, including a roided to the gills John Nord Barbarian, a great Flair match and Jake vs DiBiase.

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