#238 – Jim Cornette and the NWA Invades the WWF!

This week on the Old School Wrestling Podcast, we take a look at the short-lived NWA invasion of the WWF in 1998. We review the classic two minute match between the Headbangers and Taka vs the Rock n Roll Express and Barry Windham. Please support the OSWP by visiting our merch store at gumroad.com/oswp or by pledging at the OSWP patreon at patreon.com/oswp. We’ll see you….at the matches!



  1. Vindar says:

    Good show as always. To be honest, I was watching random episodes of Raw from 1998 a couple of weeks back. I came across the episode where they debuted this angle and it was one of the weirdest things I ever saw in my life. I mean, it was interesting, but opening the angle with Jeff Jarett winning the title on a not totally clean finish, and having him totally knocked on his ass was a terrible way to open the whole storyline. I’m not saying it was had as much potential as the Invasion in ’01, but it could have been a really interesting thing if everything could have been done right.

    Also, I know the last time I commented was like two years ago but just wanted to say that I graduated from high school last June and I’m in college now and my roommate actually like wrestling too! I was watching an episode of 205 Live earlier today and we saw a dude named Colby Corino on there and I looked it up and it ended up being Steve Corino’s son, and we went on a long conversation about old school ECW.

    Anyway, thanks again for all the work you put into this podcast. Its been really entertaining listening to you guys the past couple of years, (even if you don’t know what you’re talking about!) and I hope y’all keep doing this for as long as you can.

  2. Nine Iron Sheik says:

    The Sheik SuperCard #1

    Venue: Madison Square Garden

    Dark Match:2018 Titus O’Neil vs. 1993 Shockmaster (1997 Nick Patrick referee)

    Match 1: 2017 Will Ospreay vs. 1994 Owen Hart (2008 Red Shoes referee)

    1997 Gene Okurland interviews 2017 Tama Tonga

    Match 2: 1983 Ric Flair and 2016 Charlotte Flair vs.
    1985 Tully Blanchard and 2018 Tessa Blanchard (1993 Mike Chioda referee)

    1997 Gene Okurland interviews 1994 Shane Douglas

    Match 3: 2018 Kenny Omega vs 2003 Kurt Angle (1999 Earl Hebner referee)

    Ring Announcer: 2017 Sweet Jimmy D
    Commentators: 1997 Joey Styes and 2018 Nigel McGuiness
    Podcasters who review the show: 2016 Black Cat and 2035 Stone Cold Steve Austin

  3. Joe from Big Bean says:

    This is my dream SUPERCARD
    The venue: The World famous Astrodome
    Opening match
    1998 Mike Awesome vs. 1983 Hulk Hogan
    In a Big Kahuna Deathmatch : CZW Nick F’n Gage (any time before he went to prison for bank robbery) vs Bruiser Brody.
    The band Pantera plays three songs (Cowboys from HELL, Cemetery Gates, Walk)
    1997 Rob Van Dam vs 1991 Brain Pillman