#234 – The OSWP Holiday Party 2018 – Saving Sad Macho Claus

This year at the OSWP Holiday Party, Dre and the Black Cat are back to reviewing some classic tag team matches. The first is an incredible 6-man tag between Dusty and the RnR vs The Midnight Express and Bubba Rogers. The second match is between the Natural Disasters and Money, Inc!

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  1. Nine Iron Sheik says:

    What a great Christmas present of an episode. I love Irwin R. Schyster! One of the greatest gimmicks in wresting history. I love his vignettes and promos where he calls people tax cheats. I used to prepare taxes for a living and I couldn’t count how many times I wanted to cut an IRS style promo on someone.

    I imagine this character came to be after someone called Vince McMahon a tax cheat. I’m sure being called that would infuriate him. So when he happened he thought “that gives me an idea for the greatest heel wrestling will ever see!”

    Thanks for such a great Christmas present!

  2. Robert from Vienna says:

    Finally Dre got to meet Macho Claus!

    I believe in miracles again…


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