#231 – Bobby Heenan v Greg Gagne, August 17, 1980

After 12 months, it’s finally time to do our tribute to Bobby Heenan. For this match, we head up the St. Paul and check out this classic match between Bobby and Greg Gagne and the loser has to put on that old weasel suit. In the second half we read a very special article entitled, “Is Frank Sinatra Bruno’s Real Manager?” Please support the show by visiting our march store at gumroad.com/oswp or by pledging at our Patreon site – patreon.com/oswp. We’ll see you…at the matches!



  1. Dre could be the next Frank Caliendo, his Frank Sinatra was amazing! His Bruno Sammartino was…a thing that happened.

    I always disliked Greg Gagne. He looked like a long lost Brady Bunch Uncle/cousin/pastor. I could not buy him being a legitimate athlete that could beat anyone ever. Erik Watts was more legit to me than Greg. The only worse 2nd generation wrestler is probably a tie between Wes Brisco and Garret Bischoff. But at least Wes had muscles.

    I think it was in the Al Snow/Doug Furnas episode, but what in the heck was that Tommy Rich promo talking about awful fathers and broken families? How did that relate to whether or not he and Eddie Gilbert were going to take the spots of the Midnight Express (including the ever classy Stanley Lane).

    I just listened the last two episodes in a row. Do I regret it? As Siri would say, “nope”.

    Keep up the great work guys, some of us old timers are still out there listening!

  2. The Small Package says:

    Thank you so much for this episode. Not because it was entertaining, which it was, but because it solved the mystery of what the hell that Bobby Heenan reminder on my phone meant. It seems that Black Cat wasn’t the only to make a phone reminder 12 months ago. I suppose my intention was to keep you honest and to hold you to your promise to do an episode devoted to the greatest color commentator ever. So just like Black Cat, a few weeks ago a reminder pops on my phone that simply said, “Look for Bobby Heenan tribute”. I had no idea what that meant and it’s been driving me crazy ever since. Thank you for solving the mystery and finally allowing me to sleep at night again. BTW, I will not be setting another reminder for next year, so you guys are on your own.

  3. Thunderbolt Peterson says:

    Great episode. But it was The Crusher that first called Bobby Heenan “Weasel”, not Dick the Bruiser. Crusher, during an interview, came out winding up a jack in the box. When the song concluded and the clown popped out of the Box, Crusher claimed that’s what he would do to Heenan.”Pop Goes the Weasle”.