#230 – Al Snow v Doug Furnas, February 11, 1998, ECW TV

This week on the podcast, Dre and the Black Cat talk about the classic ECW gimmick – Al Snow’s HEAD. In the second half they go over some great feedback from last episode, listener voice mails, an email from @omg_nob, and a visit from Diamond Dave and all his thoughts on the world of wrestling.



  1. Joe from Big Bean says:

    When I think of this era of Al Snow and HEAD. I have to think of the time Snow was mention on Saturday Night Live during weekend update with Colin Quinn here is the following is the transcript of that segment.

    “An action figure…modeled after the WWF’s Al Snow, which depicts him carrying around a woman’s head, has been pulled from the shelves at Wal-Mart, because of a complaint lodged by a university professor that the toy trivializes violence against women. The reaction from Wal-Mart shoppers was unanimous: “What’s a university professor?” [crowd mixed reaction]…Ah, what are you, from Oklahoma? They don’t give a damn.”

    By the way I do have this action figure out of box.

  2. 9 Iron Sheik says:

    I was getting really worried at the level of podcasts you guys were presenting us with. But then this show came out and restored my faith. This match brought back a great memory for me. Back at this time I would have been really young like 4 or 5 years old. My dad had a friend who would “acquire” the ecw PPVs for him. I had just happened to walk in the room for the Al Snow Shane Douglas match. I walked in at the very end of the match. So I got to see all the heads fly into the ring. I kept saying “it’s snowing!” My dad really cracked up at that. I didn’t know why at the time. Now I look back and laugh at that pun. Even though you guys didn’t review that match you did give me the lead up to it and that is excellent. Thanks again.

    And you guys better not have been fooling around when you said you would do an episode on Scotty Riggs.