#227 – Barry Windham and the Four Horsemen

This week on the new OSWP, Dre and the Black Cat talk about the dark days of Barry Windham in 1988 when he turned on his good friend Lex Luger and joined the Four Horsemen. We’ll see you…at the matches!



  1. kevin barrett says:

    the things you about the turn. It was midnight rider who went in the dressing room of the horsemen and barry got the mask .The camera did not get a good look at the man under the mask, but he had blond curly hair. The end of that night the horsemen limo left and back window roll down, you saw Barry right hand the 4 finger symbol of the horsemen and other the mask of the midnight rider on 4 20 1988

  2. Just started the new episode, where you are talking about movies you would only watch on a plane. When I flew to Portugal from Boston, I did exactly that, watching Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight. Not because I thought it would be a horrible movie, but because the run time of just about 3 hours was something I could never carve out in real life.

    Meanwhile, everyone else around me was watching The Revenant, you know, that movie where Leo DiCaprio gets “loved” by a bear. Another movie with an almost 3 hour runtime. There were several people around me who started watching this movie and did not finish it on an 8 hour flight from Boston to Madrid, Spain. Imagine watching like 80-90% of a 3 hour movie and then just giving up. Oh wait, that’s what 250 thousand people do every Monday Night. Zing!

    Glad to have you back on a (hopefully) regular schedule. P.S. – I missed out on a sabbatical at my last job by about six months. Technically by the time I was finally laid off, I already qualified, but there isn’t much you can do at that point.