#226 – Honkey Tonk Man vs Brutus Beefcake, November 1, 1987

On the new OSWP, Dre and the Black Cat talk about two of the most memorable characters from the mid-80s WWF and have a nice conversation with the Ultimate Van Vader in the second half of the show! We’ll see you…at the matches.

This episode has been archived for future release at gumroad.com/oswp


  1. LastVonErich says:

    Great show as usual. After this show I can only imagine that HHH will one day quit his job as head of WWE when he is offered the CEO position of a newly reformed RF.Video business. He will reopen mall kiosks in malls across the country and help him get even more wrestling action to his friends … the fans.

  2. Paul E Cautiously says:

    While the infrequency of podcasts lately makes me sad, take as much of a break as necessary to keep this ship going. Please just keep doing forever like the podcast version of Kevin and Sami.

    Brutus was always my favorite, bloated face or broken face. Thanks for the memories!

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