For Hardcore

my desk at work…


  1. David Lo Pan says:

    Totally more clever then my RVD figure holding a rolled zig-zag

  2. Black Cat says:

    I have no idea what a “zig” “zag” is. None.

  3. David Lo Pan says:

    zig-zags are a popular brand of rolling papers typically used for tobacco and/or “other” products. I saw a lot of them when I visited Amsterdam a couple years back………… a LOT of them.

  4. David Lo Pan says:

    He’s hardcore, he’s hardcore!

  5. Thanks for posting, Black Cat!

  6. Jeff says:

    Seriously this is the greatest podcast ever created. Ever since Jim Crockett Jr sold his dad’s entertainment Company to Ted Turner, pro wrestling has never been the same. But what a run he had. I will never forget Gordon Solie, the Briscoes, Ole and Gene, the R-N-R and Midnight Express(any version), and the greatest draw and performer of all time, the Nature Boy. Thank you for having this podcast, and helping me feel better about reminiscing on You Tube on Saturday Mornings.

    PS I get the irony of the fork. But the meanest Butcher of all time would appreciate a metal one.